Prepare to succeed


In life there is no one who sets out on purpose to fail. Everyone who is in their right mind desires success. But wishing is very different from applying yourself to succeed.

Success is not an accident. It is a product of preparation, which then collides with opportunity; and the result is then an excellent and effective performance.

As we build the El-Shaddai vision, it causes us to ask the question, “What must we become in order to affect a generation for the Kingdom of God?”

Whatever you do in life, make sure that you ask yourself this question. Don’t fool yourself that wearing the team jersey without ever showing up to play will be sufficient to give you the satisfaction of having succeeded. You can only deceive yourself for so long and then the dissatisfaction will set in. You may be able to fool others for a short while that you are the real deal, but sooner or later your lack of preparation and your lack of willingness to commit will leave you feeling empty and without true fulfillment.

Champions are made in the gym, and only recognized in the ring. Once you are in the ring, it is too late to prepare.

Success will come because of your deliberate application to the unglamorous tasks of training. Discipline is your friend.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that discipline and routine are boring. They want to step straight into the limelight and receive the applause. But if you want true, enduring success, you must get excited about the repetitive mundane things that you do as part of your daily disciplines such as praying, sowing, working out, confessing the Word, and keeping focused and on task along with other specifics.

God, who sees in secret, will reward you openly in respect of these things. And once the success you dream of arrives, it will not knock you off course and go to your head, because those things will anchor you and keep you strong and steady.

Preparation is everything. Excellence is rehearsed. Win the battles against pressures, discouragements and the opposition of people who don’t like you by being more than ready for your moment of opportunity.

Spirituality is not an excuse for laziness. Be strong and take courage. You too can win in this life and become a champion.

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