Who cares if people don’t like you!


We live in such an individualistic generation. Yet the impact our life can have when we harmonize in team with others, is so much greater than we could ever have by ourselves.

Yet insecurity causes us to compete with others rather than to cooperate with them, or submit to someone else.

There is no need to feel diminished by honoring another person, because honor should always be reciprocated. Operating in honor creates an environment of love and mutual respect and together we can fulfill our purpose in this generation. Together we can touch nations and turn the course of history. Together we can affect countless lives and connect people to their eternal destiny.

No believer has a real reason to live a small life.  Everyone who is attracted to this vision has greatness on the inside of them.

Your uniqueness is the thing that makes you so valuable in this world. Your excellence will cause you to be distinguished and stand out even in a crowd.

One major key to the fulfillment of your God given purpose is to stop worrying about whether or not people like you. When people reject you it is because of them rather than because of your inadequacy.

You will be released from the tyranny of living to please people who have nothing to add to your purpose whatsoever, and you will live to please the audience of ONE.

Another key is to stop looking at others who are also doing what you want to do in an attitude of comparison. It will only lead to envy or jealousy, which is painful.

God has a portion set aside just for you. May He make you even a thousand times bigger and better than the things and people you have envied or been jealous of as you discover what it is, because His plan is to fill your future with prosperity and fulfillment.

Your times are in God’s hands and He is causing ALL things to work together for your good because you love Him.

My prayer for you today is that your skill-set, talents, gifting and potential, like Aaron’s rod, will blossom as you dare to leave it in God’s presence. May this be your season of maximum fruitfulness. Trust God not man.

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1 Comment on Who cares if people don’t like you!

  1. I thank God for your life Pastor. I pray for more Grace for u as u labour for him in obedience and simplicity. Only God knows how much of an inspiration you are to me and to so many others around the Globe.

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