What does a husband look for from his wife?

This one is for the ladies!

Ladies, if you want to keep your man, here are five things you will need to prioritize in your marital relationship in order to fulfill his needs:

  1. Sexual fulfillment
  2. Recreational companionship
  3. Attractive spouse
  4. Domestic support
  5. Admiration


Sexual fulfillment – Time to abandon religious ideas that sex is dirty and celebrate your sexuality. God created it, and sex is good.

Every man wants a woman who is excited about him. In public she is demure and sophisticated, but in private she is WILD!

You have so much power bound up in your sexuality, you don’t need to flaunt it or use it for manipulation. It is sacred.

Give yourself fully to him. Don’t despise him, teach him some moves! If you both get it right you will both think you have died and gone to heaven. He will never dream about being with another woman.

And remember, what you do is between you and your husband. Don’t be telling all your friends!

Recreational companionship – Make a decision to enjoy and not to criticize what he does by way of recreational activities. Be involved; hit the ball with him – he will find you more attractive. You can save a failing marriage merely by becoming a companion to him.

An attractive spouse – A man is designed to notice a woman’s figure and he will pay no attention to a plain woman because she blends in.

He needs you to look good. He likes all the stuff you do with your hair and make up!

Study your body and learn what styles work for you. When you shop, don’t just buy anything; buy cautiously and be particular.

You know you are losing interest in him when you don’t care about how you look when you are around him; you are now living with your brother!

Domestic support – Men look to women to be a homemaker. Develop the skills for the practical duties of your home. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Division of labor must be agreed between you.

Admiration – Marry a man that you respect and then make it a practice never to compete with him. He must know you are his greatest supporter and that you won’t take sides with everyone against him. If you admire everyone else but not him, you will never have his heart.

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2 Comments on What does a husband look for from his wife?

  1. Brandy Olivis // March 5, 2013 at 4:42 pm // Reply

    OMG! I luv this blog! So happy that you keep iy real. We need more Pastors like you!!

    • Thank you so much pastors for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. May God grant you more grace……

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