Pursue the Blessing!

Houston Rodeo

As those who are redeemed, salvation is our portion.

Salvation is from the Greek word Soteria, which means wholeness, or soundness. with nothing missing and nothing broken. Instead we have an inheritance of blessing in al five realms of human existence: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and financially.

So many people spend their lives pursuing deliverance, when God has already done everything He is ever going to do about our deliverance. We are already redeemed.

Instead we need to spend our lives pursuing the manifestation of the blessing that is already ours in our lives.

Set your faith and expectation for the goodness of God to overwhelm and swallow up the challenges of your life and cause you to experience good days.

Why not use these declarations to give voice to your faith:

I am THE BLESSED of the Lord and NO man can curse what the Lord has blessed. The world has yet to see the fullness of my blessing that’s why I press on despite the setbacks and challenges.

Having received an eternal redemption, I don’t ever walk in guilty, shame, fear, condemnation or inferiority. I boldly say, “the Lord is my helper therefore I have victory in every area of my life”.

Today I lay hold of my inheritance in Christ. I TAKE my Healing, Prosperity, Restoration, Favour, Insights, Concepts and Ideas. I am fruitful in all things.

I have all wisdom, all grace, all wealth, all strength, all ability and all resources to accomplish my purpose. That’s why I boldly face my future knowing my God has already made a way.

Jesus Christ is the GRACE of God and by GRACE, I am loved eternally, I am accepted completely, I am rich beyond measure, I am healed in every way, I am satisfied with my portion and YES by Grace I am qualified to have God’s BEST!

I am what I am by the grace of God. Today I choose to enjoy who God has made me and refuse to be pressured, shamed, tempted to become something that I don’t have grace for. I like myself. Thank you Lord.

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1 Comment on Pursue the Blessing!

  1. Thank you Lord, Amen!

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