Don’t judge your future by the smallness of what you can see now

Genesis 15:5

Then He brought Abraham outside and said, “Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.” And He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.”

If you have ever found yourself in a place of despondency, where the pressure is on and your faith just isn’t producing results, you can relate to Abraham at this moment in his life.

Abraham’s mind was filled with the fact that God hadn’t done what He said He would. He was still childless and Eliezer of Damascus was his heir.

Look at God’s response, “Come out from where you are and look up! Your future is vast!”

In other words, “Don’t judge your future by the smallness of what you can currently see in your little tent. Come out and set your vision higher”

It is possible to be contained in life by hanging around the wrong people. They want to talk self pity and impossibility and the magnitude of the injustice they face in life. You will have to come out from that crowd to go higher.

Abraham saw the impossibilities in his and his wife’s body every day. The pressure of passing time was weighing on his hope. Yet looking up higher ignited his faith again and he was able to choose the seemingly insubstantial evidence of the Word over his circumstances.

God saw him do that and declared, “That is a righteous man!”

Nothing pleases God more than to be believed. Your inward, private response of faith towards a holy God is what He is looking for. Sooner or later that will be demonstrated by actions, but even before that, you are justified in God’s sight and declared righteous.

Church people cannot handle God blessing a person with issues because they look on the outward appearance and judge a person’s actions, whereas God looks on the heart, and on whether His Word is trusted.

It is possible to spend so much effort trying to impress church people by trying to be seen to do the right thing, without really having made a faith transaction with God FIRST.

Out first priority is to please the audience of One.

Make sure today that if anyone is impressed with what good you are doing, it is because they are seeing the overflow of your faith towards God and He who sees in secret will reward us openly, just as He did Abraham.





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