Keys to the supernatural realm

DRM and PS rodeo

The natural mind usually assumes that prioritizing God’s Kingdom will put you at a disadvantage in your personal interests. Actually the opposite is true. You have to get past the point of fear something God asks of you will cause you detriment and that His plans for you are less than yours could be. But how?

If you only entertain what you understand to be reasonable, you will always be limited to the realm of the natural.

You will be like Lot in Genesis 13:10, who chose for himself the well watered plains of the Jordan, and yet still needed rescuing by Abraham, the man with the blessing of God on His life.

The truth is that we are called to live in the realm of the supernatural. It’s a realm where you increase by decreasing; you become strong through weakness and powerful by losing control and yielding completely.

Many people don’t know about a realm where things are exactly the opposite of what they naturally seem. The only key to this realm is trust. Trust is the hardest and yet surest place to be where God and you are concerned

If you only yield to the path you understand, you will never know the surprises hidden in the full spectrum of God’s infinite wisdom & plan. There are no accidents in God’s economy. Just because you can’t or don’t understand something doesn’t mean God won’t use it to work good in your life.

When you are stuck or lose your way or don’t understand: First, Go with the witness of your Spirit; then trust what you factually know about the situation or person and lastly, take the action that affirms your absolute trust and confidence in God.

Nothing satisfies like being in the will of God. They key to finding yourself in it is yielding – Anything God wants for me is OK with me.

I see you healed; I see you delivered; I see you prosperous and abundantly supplied; I see you loved and cherished; I see you anointed; I see you influential; I see you victorious; I see you vindicated; I see you raised up to affect nations; I see you in your glory; I see you happy and content surrounded by your wholesome family.

Your work is to believe. Trust His goodness today, especially in things and areas you don’t understand or agree with. He will never mismanage your life!

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4 Comments on Keys to the supernatural realm

  1. globetrottermama // February 27, 2013 at 10:35 pm // Reply

    What a beautiful couple.

  2. Brandy Olivis // March 2, 2013 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    Awesome! I read this about 3 times today :))

  3. wow lovely!!!

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