Don’t sabotage your relationships

A sure way to invite conflict and unrest into any relationship is to allow others to insert inappropriate advice and influence into that relationship.

There is nothing that causes a man to shut down more than the knowledge that his wife or girlfriend is discussing him with her friends. Now he will have to defend his pride and intimacy is destroyed.

Similarly, if your wife knows that she is being debated by your family, or that your mother is allowed to comment on how well she runs your home, her security is destroyed. She will not entrust herself to you.

Even if your wife messes up and your mother is right, don’t let her see you side with your mother over her. Talk to her about it quietly at home, but preserve your loyalty to her in front of your parents. Don’t let your family or friends divide your marital home.

When you get married your spouse becomes your highest priority and your relationship is sacred.

Even when you commit to dating someone, your boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t have to worry that you are still texting someone you were previously in a relationship with. We can’t be friends with exes and expect our wives or husbands to be happy with that. It shows that we are still keeping a door open and implies that we are not completely committed to this current relationship.

Nothing is too sacred for your wife. If we have to change cities or change jobs, change them. There is nothing that comes from God that drives a wedge between you and your spouse.

Don’t just make excuses that someone is texting you or facebooking you and you can’t do anything about it: change your number, or block that person. Be proactive in building the integrity of your marital relationship. Keep your relationship alive and full of variety and excitement.

A woman will get bored with a man who just does the same things all the time and becomes predictable, sitting in the same chair, having the same routines and offering the same conversation. She wants to engage with her man and enjoy the experience of sharing life together.

Relationships are to be savored and relished. Once you have made your choice to be with someone, do all you can to maximize it.

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2 Comments on Don’t sabotage your relationships

  1. Gertrude Chirambo // February 19, 2013 at 3:23 am // Reply

    Good word.

  2. Jewel Macauley // February 19, 2013 at 4:09 am // Reply

    Love this need to forward to others. Thank you.


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