Are you waiting for Mr/Mrs Right?


So many people are looking for a relationship with another person to give them a sense of being whole.

Human beings have a profound need to connect in meaningful relationship with another person. However much we teach the Word and however much scripture we read, it doesn’t stop there being a place in our hearts that longs for relationship with another human being.

Yet if we approach relationships without a strong sense of our own identity and purpose, we will relate out of our weakness, seeing how much we can take rather than how much we can give.

For relationships to work there has to be a level of personal wholeness in each individual.

People talk of the awesome man or woman they are hoping to marry one day, but they never work on becoming awesome themselves. You want a praying man, but do you pray? You want an attractive woman, but are you doing something to stay in shape?

As a single woman you do well to build a full life with activities and fun things going on. A man will never be attracted to a woman who is bored with herself!

A man who can make a woman laugh is always preferred over an overly serious or downbeat guy.

If you run all your friends away with being so insecure in who you are that you have to compete with them all the time, you will never enjoy the significant connections that you long for.

The key to finding relationship is self development and growth.

Don’t sit in a corner by yourself waiting for Mr Right to come and discover you. Deny self pity the right to take root in your soul and work on the person you are. You will soon discover that you are an amazing creation of your Heavenly Father and, as you do so, every relationship in your life will appreciate in quality and value.

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1 Comment on Are you waiting for Mr/Mrs Right?

  1. Absolutely true and amazing post. Happy Valentines Day.

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