Say something meaningful

Worshipping Jesus

There is nobody like Jesus. When we come to worship, we are grateful for the musical gifts that God has placed among us. They skillfully lead us into the presence of God. But we miss it if we become like spectators at a show; when the musical arrangements become of greater interest to us than the King of Kings.

When we gather to worship God corporately the sense of His presence is greater than when we are alone. We actually create an atmosphere where God Himself can dwell. And as we engage with Him and say something to Him in that atmosphere that means something, we discover, just like Paul and Silas in the jail, that our breakthroughs come.

God cannot stay away from sounds made in his honor. Worship is our time to connect, our time to pour out of ourselves towards Him. It is our time of intimacy and relationship. It is a very special time when things start to shift and change in our hearts and lives because of our fellowship with Him.

As you go to church this weekend, let me encourage you to take time to worship your Savior. Make it a priority to engage, to enjoy His presence and to minister your love to Him. Something powerful will happen as you do.

Praying for you!

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1 Comment on Say something meaningful

  1. Saulos Nkhoswe // February 8, 2013 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    Inspirational Truths. Wow! I am so blessed…

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