You are the promotion you seek

Proverbs 21:31

Do your best and get prepared for life’s day of battle, but deliverance and victory only comes of the Lord.

Since most of life is spend preparing and waiting, you might as well get used to these two character development agents. Just like in the days of Solomon there was no sound of a hammer at the temple building site, so it is with our lives. God always prepares us in obscurity before bringing us into the place of our intended purpose.

The period of waiting is challenging, but It’s easier with good attitude.

If you focus on the challenge you are going through, instead of keeping your eye on what God will do with your life, you become blind to opportunity. Have the presence of mind to pause and perceive despite being under pressure.

Remember that the quality and caliber of the person you are will always set the outer limits of your accomplishments. Character is the real reward in life and will enable you to stand strong in the place of promotion that God takes you to.

Since gifting without character will take you to places that you cannot sustain, character building is the highest priority of your life. Don’t make the mistake of trying to force a promotion too early. Recognize that you have to learn, to grow and to conquer your own sense of insecurity and inferiority before you attempt to step into the limelight.

The only truly legitimate promotion is one that comes because you have outgrown your present environment.  In fact we could say it like this: you are the promotion you seek.

Don’t be discouraged at where you are at in life. 2013 is a year of Open Doors! that means that unlimited possibility is available to you.

The grace of God is extended towards you to accelerate your destiny and to bring you to that place of productivity and fruitfulness that is fulfilling for you.

Ask God for the wisdom to maximize the possibilities of your life. The same God who said that a nation can indeed be born in a day, is also the God who will put your life on fast track and cause you to make supernatural progress. As you do so, favor and blessing is your portion. Your Boaz will come in 2013 and you who once gleaned in obscurity, will, all of a sudden, own the entire field!


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3 Comments on You are the promotion you seek

  1. Gertrude Chirambo // January 28, 2013 at 4:27 am // Reply

    I receive that in Jesus Name. Gc

  2. I receive this as well, we’ll. This is so on point!

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