Who are you spending your life on?

Me and my baby – called to serve God together. Healthy human relationships are based on both parties providing something. Some people are hungry for a relationship so that they can borrow that person’s strengths to fill up their own perceived sense of inadequacy. Don’t let another person suck the life out of you. There is no unconditional love in a relationship where there is a demand. You will begin to feel resentful when you realize that you are carrying all the weight of that relationship.Real joyous mature satisfying relationships are based on strength, mutual respect and admiration, shared values and purpose. Only open your heart wholly to those who reciprocate. You will never enjoy meaningful relationships with those who are uneasy with your emotions. So many people don’t know what true companionship is. This is how you can tell if you have a genuine relationship with someone: if you can just sit together and just be content without the urge to get up and do something? Life is precious when you find a true companion. I celebrate Estrella Mumba.

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