Is this for real?

When people first come to El-Shaddai, they can’t believe we can be for real.

They are waiting for the gimmicks and the tricks, for the moment when we start demanding money from them, or abusing their trust.

And then it dawns on them that it really is true and that every time Star and I see our  members we will treat them the same way, no matter what they have done or not done.

We won’t treat them better if they give more, or worse if they don’t give at all.

We won’t discriminate according to their ability to be impressive when they see us: the last thing I want is a church full of people who literally JUMP to attention when they see us! Of course there is honor and that is good and right, but people shouldn’t have to be rigid around us, for fear of appearing less in our eyes.

We won’t abandon you if you go to jail, or you mess up. We will help you to walk through your situation and pick you up if you fall.

We don’t see ourselves as church celebrities. Every one of our members is as important to God as we are.

We aren’t there to control or manipulate people into giving us a platform. The anointing on a man or woman of God’s life is attested to by those around them who have seen tangible results as a consequence of their ministry.

No one can claim to be anointed if there is nothing to show for it. The anointing is not in the shout, or the heavy breathing, or the mannerisms that preachers sometimes have to look like they have it going on – the anointing is proven by RESULTS! – Burdens removed and yokes destroyed.

When we come before Jesus we will have to give account for how we handled the people He sent under our care. We cannot afford to behave like hirelings who will only love people as long as they give something back to us. No, we are free from our people and we will never seek to get something from them to gratify our own needs in any way.

Many pastors admit to disliking their congregation. But that is not us. People are a privilege and it is always an honor to serve.

This is our heart towards you, God’s people; simply this: we love you.

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4 Comments on Is this for real?

  1. This is why i follow you. You wouldn,t believe what i,ve experienced in the past 2 years. Can,t believe i was so blind.

  2. God Bless you my Pastors! You’re such a Blessing to the Church of Jesus Christ!

  3. We Love You too, thank you for your love for us all.xx


    On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 12:34 AM, ramsonmumba

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