Taking the mystery out of 2013

As surely as I am alive I know that God has called me to preach the gospel to this generation. But the real proof of my calling is not what I say about myself, so much as what happens at your house and in your life as a result of the Word I bring. In Hosea 12:13 it says that by a prophet Israel was delivered and preserved. A true prophet will have God’s backing to bring a Word that brings true deliverance and preservation to another human being. This is what is called the prophet’s reward in Mark 10:40, and it comes as a result of perceiving and receiving the anointing on a man of God.
My assignment at the start of this year is to take the mystery out of 2013 and to cooperate with the Spirit of God in showing you things to come, so that you can operate in faith and expectation concerning the months ahead, because that is how the Kingdom of God works.
In 2013 I see you whole and prospering. Welcome to the Year when you will know NO wants. I declare that you are satisfied in all things for the Lord Himself will STAND UP for you in 2013.

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3 Comments on Taking the mystery out of 2013

  1. I Believe, Receive and take this Word, Amen!

  2. Anita Foster // January 8, 2013 at 4:21 am // Reply

    Our Dear Pastor Ramson

    We receive you as our Prophet. We have and we DO receive the Prophets reward. We are grateful to God for His leading and to you for your faithfulness to your calling. I thank God for Michael for being very clear about who OUR Man of God is when times weren’t easy. We Love and pray for you & Pastor Star xx

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  3. Emanuel Bangbose // January 11, 2013 at 4:02 am // Reply

    Thank you pastor Mumba, I have been enjoying reading your encouraging exhortations on facebook, and I can tell that your brand of preaching is without gimmick and progressive, I especially read a heartfelt testing of a very dear friend who is a member of your church attesting to the grace and mercy of God in his life and even in the church as a whole, I am very encouraged seeing the glory of God…..

    I am a beginner, a serious work in progress who needs prayers in every area of my life for the manifestation of the grace and mercy of God through Christ to compass in my life, and the lives of my loved ones. I am seperated and unemployed, and have recently started attending a little house fellowship/church called New Thanksgiving Bible Church in Burnt Oak with my friend who leads the worship, I really need help with prayers so that I can stand and be strong in The Lord, and his will can come to pass In my life, because right now a lot of things are not at all where or how they should, and I seriously need everlasting grace, mercy and sufficiency that only comes through God.

    Ps: my friend’s name is Dewunmi Attitebi, and I’m minded to attend one of your services ASAP, thank you sir!!!

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