We are passionate that people’s lives WORK!

We don’t live our lives in church! Yet some preachers of the Word teach the people as if the only concerns they have are about how to behave in church. No wonder some Christians are hard to relate to!
I am so excited at the outset of this year for Star and I to be focusing our attention on breaking the Word down to where every revelation that God gives us is applied to our lives. No one will be left wondering what we meant when we brought the insights and teaching that God has given us. It will be obvious what we are talking about!
Our passion is that people’s lives WORK! That their relationships are sound, that their finances are stable and increasing, that the desires of their hearts are on track and being fulfilled. There are so many things in our lives that we don’t need to pray about – we just need to operate in wisdom for the issues to be resolved. The Word is that wisdom. I will be blogging often about these things, so throw off any religious preconceptions and get your catchers out – you will be blessed!

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