The El-Shaddai I see

The El-Shaddai I see is a prophetic church.

It is a church with the Word of God in their mouth and healing in their wings; it’s a church whose members stand head and shoulders above their peers, a church that doesn’t just know how to worship, but knows how to decree the Word of God to a generation.

It’s a church that will stand for the things that our fathers handed down to us: it’s a church that passes on the deeper truths. It’s not going to be a shallow church. It’s a church that is vested and founded on revelation knowledge; it’s a church that will prophesy life to a dying world.

It’s not going to be just a church that preaches the gospel, it’s a church that runs orphanages and clinics and schools and opens up all kinds of places. That‘s the El-Shaddai I see.

It’s not going to be just contained in four walls, but it is a church full of people who will move into neighborhoods and prevent tragedies and take care of kids before they kill themselves because God is raising up for me sons who may not stand behind the pulpit, but they will be anointed to mentor the delinquent and raise up a different generation.

It’s a church from which government ministers will arise. Every place where cosmic decisions are made, someone from El-Shaddai will sit at that table.

It’s a church of influence that dominates the Earth, so that the kingdoms of this world can become the kingdoms of our God. And you are the ones that God will raise up to do that! While I keep to my assignment to release the Word, you will be the legs to bring it to pass.

I see among you managing directors of huge companies and corporations and movers and shakers on the world’s scene. I see people anointed for the arts and entertainment and going into show business and affecting a generation; men and women of power and distinction and supernatural clarity to speak the word even to those who didn’t think they could understand it.

It’s the church of Jesus Christ. Together we are rising and shining and we are going to the top!

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1 Comment on The El-Shaddai I see

  1. Amen! I Believe and receive this prophetic word. God Bless you Pastor Mumba, may the annointing of my heavenly Daddy stay upon you and your household forever!!

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