Don’t marry a nincompoop!

Genesis 1:26

Let us make man in our own image and after our likeness….

Human beings are made in the image of God. We are not descended from monkeys; we have dignity and purpose in our existence.

One of the distinctives of God, is that He exists in community, and we have the same nature.

However, finding a mate is not just a spirtual activity. It is not just about  praying together and hearing from God that this is the person with whom we will spend our lives. It is about applying wisdom and understanding to our choices.

Here are some vital questions you should ask yourself in the cold light of day as you form a potentially serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex:

  1. What do I most appreciate about this person? If you haven’t had time to work that out, you are moving too quickly. You should be able to give a reasonable answer.
  2. What annoys me the most about this person? It is important to recognise that it is OK to get annoyed with them. If two people are exactly the same then one of them is irrelevant!
  3. What is the biggest change I will have to make once I get married and will he be worth it? If you accept someone in your life, you will need to make changes and you shouldn’t resent it because when You said “I do” you have lost the right to be just how you were before.
  4. What is my greatest concern about marrying this person?
  5. What is the biggest implication I will have to make in my family of origin? It is unrealstic to expect that there won’t be repurcussions for your family. Face them upfront.
  6. What things make me angriest about this person? You are now on a journey to becoming one flesh. Don’t try and resist that journey by sweeping differences under the carpet.
  7. Who likes this person and who doesn’t like him, and why? The calibre of a person’s friends says everything about him or her. If good people don’t like him, take note.
  8. What is the most difficult subject for us to talk about and why?

As you ask these things I believe they will help you to avoid being carried away with emotions that can lead you down a path you will later regret.

There is one thing worse than being single and that is being married to a nincompoop! Lol!

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1 Comment on Don’t marry a nincompoop!

  1. love it….. keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss my El shaddai famliy LOVE Trent Hill

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