Your needs are profound

Psalm 68:5-6
A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows… God sets the solitary in families

Every human being has been born with an insatiable human need to connect. In fact our four basic needs can be summed like this:

  •  Acceptance – knowing that you are wanted and needed by others just as you are.
  • Identity – knowing that you are individually unique and special and that you are celebrated for being you.
  • Security – knowing that you are provided for and taken care of. You will never be stranded or left destitue
  • Purpose – you need to know you have a reason for living. You need to answer “why?” even before you answer “what?” concerning your life because you will never love yourself until you appreciate your “why?”

All of these needs are answered in the context of relationship, and the degree to which they are answered will be the degree to which we will feel fulfilled in life.

The process of connecting genuinely with others can be so painful and frustrating, that we settle for less, having just enough so as not to feel too alone. We opt to live alongside others, but not connected. We use others and are used by them in one night stands and loveless relationships in order to distract ourselves from the truth that we are alone and lonely.

Being married is not necessarily even the answer and sex won’t stop you feeling alone if you are not connected. The need of the depths of the human soul are greater and far more profound.

God’s answer? Set us into the family of God’s people

It is under the covering of a true father in the faith, that you will find the safety to connect.

God will make sure that someone is there to help you with the pain of betrayal and abuse and hold you until you are strong enough to
stand on your own feet.

Let church cease to be a business in your life – a place where you express your gift, practise your ministry, filfill a religious duty or simply earn a salary. Let it become a place of life for you.

My prayer today is that you will not settle for less, but you will find your place of security and purpose, where you will be accepted and fulfilled in who you are among God’s people.

God HAS prepared such a place for you.

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1 Comment on Your needs are profound

  1. Amazing! Yesterday was thanking God for putting me in a Lovely Church Family and I was like Lord you know I needed this. Thank you Pastor.

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