It’s time for take-off

When they came to find Jesus, they had to ask which one of the assembled men He was. Why was that?
It was because he was normal! Not religious, not distant and aloof, not lost in a spiritual cloud. The world needs us to be normal to show them who God is: naturally supernatural!
When we get our ideas about how a Christian should be out of the way, and just carry ourselves like ordinary people except that we relate to others with a dimension of love, sensitivity and compassion that they have never experienced before, we will impact our world like never before!
Time to leave every religious protocol and regulation behind. If we insist on keeping the law as a babysitter over our lives, we will never inherit the good things reserved for the heirs of the promise: the sons of God.
It’s time to get our lives off the ground in the things of God. There is so much more to experience. Leave behind the life of rules and ought-to’s and join the walk of faith. As you do you will find that all sorts of limitations and things that have kept your life bound up, will just fall away. Glory to God!

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