Get rid of the fear

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love

How much is your life worth to you?

Since Jesus died to pay the price for your life, why permit someone else to live it on your behalf? If your life is in someone else’s hands it is time to take it back.

Every time you abdicate responsibility for the things you deal with, you are outsourcing the outcomes of your life to that person. Your choices set you on course for a particular destination, yet it is easy to bury your head iin the sand along the way and then end up with an unwelcome surprise when you get there.

However hard it is, take the decision, “I am responsible for my own life.” Only then will mature relationships truly be possible for you.

You can remain a child for years, letting others pick up the cost for your irresponsibility, but the real rewards in life will elude you. Your relationships will be a complicated tangle of people you lean on and people who control you. You will make decisions based on fear and guilt rather than on love and freedom of choice.

If other  people are your source, you will drain them and wear them out. They will know that they are your crutch. Even worse, you learn to hide the real you when you are together for fear of losing the relationship you need so much.

You are not free to engage in a realationship until you are free from their control; until you can say “no”; until both parties have the liberty to walk away.  Love must be out of choice, or it is not love at all.

“I choose to be with you, although I could be with so many others,” is the basis of the kind of love that is from God.

Can you look at your choices and say that they reflect your values, or are you afraid of what might happen if you did what you felt was right?

Learn to enjoy being alone. Decide to like yourself and enjoy your own company. Recognize the strength that is within you; you are stronger than you think.

Above all learn to fellowship with your Heavenly Father, who has freely chosen to be with you. He knows how to hold you like no other. Let His tenderness heal your broken heart and restore you to a place of true freedom to be yourself.

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