You can’t live on candy

My great passions in life are to teach and be taught the Word of God. I recognize that I have been entrusted stewardship of the gospel and my objective whenever I have the privilege to stand up and preach is not to raise a crowd or sound impressive but my responsibility lies in this question, “Did I get this revelation into the Earth?” Many people want to go to church to be inspired and not challenged. They want to hear something sweet all the time. But we cannot grow if we just eat candy! You won’t dominate anything if you only feed on that sugary stuff. Yet we are called to be heirs of the World and to be significant in every realm of human endeavor – arts, business, scientific, entertainment, familial and so on. People who want to make something of their life WANT to be taught. Make a decision today, “I welcome the teaching of the Word that goes deeper.” Then pursue it!

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