Your health will return

Romans 4:7-8

“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, And whose sins are covered;
Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.”

When Jesus cried out, “It is finished.” He was referring to two things: the requirements of the law were met and the wrath of the Father against sin was pacified.

He changed the way God related to man for ever.

That blood, a perfect offering for sin, pacified the wrath of God completely. That means that every time you show up, He has a smile for you. He cannot get tired of you. The blood is precious because of its pacifying power. You will never experience the wrath of God.

God is not accusing you and because of that you are no longer accusing yourself. Now you have the foundation for such a good self worth that you can live life completely differently.

When you start walking free of condemnation and self hatred, even your health will return. Your mind will be sharp again because you are not preoccupied and you will be promoted, which means your money will get better.

When you understand that God is not holding anything against you, you begin to receive the love of God for real.

His unconditional love and acceptance will cause the pain of feeling abused and rejected and mistreated to drain out of you and you will become a totally different person. You won’t be fighting with people any longer because there won’t be a fight going on inside yourself.

When people approach you, you are so full of calmness and tranquility that all your relationships will improve. You will love others with that same love because that is the way He loved you – even with your faults.

I can tell if you don’t know the love of God because you still think He is approving of you based on how many times you prayed. But when you know that all God has stored up for you is blessing round every corner, the fear of life leaves.

Praying for you today that this love of God will become a reality to you as never before and that there will be a total healing of your soul as you meditate on these wonderful truths.


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