This is for the insatiable and unreasonable dreamer

Galtians 3:11

But that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for “the just shall live by faith.”

The things that God has called all of us to do in this generation are far greater than our abilities. Yet many of us are tempted to reduce the size of our dream to fit what we feel we can produce.

We were never intended to live this way. The people of God, or those “justified” in God’s sight, are supposed to live by faith, not by our own gifts and performance.

When Abram was ninety nine years old, and at rock bottom concerning the promise that he had received from God twenty four years earlier, God revealed Himself as El-Shaddai. This literally means the many breasted one, or the God of rich supply. El-Shaddai is the one who has the power to back up His covenant promises by overriding or setting aside natural law. From that point on Abram stopped looking at himself, as it tells us in Romans 4:19-21, and instead He realised what El-Shaddai could achieve in His life.

We too must take hold of the anointing on El-Shaddai; and cut loose His ability into our lives; to see our weaknesses swallowed up in his strength  and to see our words of faith overcoming every challenge.

This is not for the person who is content to live an average life. It is for the insatiable and unreasonable dreamer who is determined to break out of a shallow life bound up by impossibilities and unresolved challenges. We have to be bold.

There is no longer any place for self deprecating words, by which our mouths undermine and quite literally fight against our own desires. Unless we declare what He is to us He is not going to show up on our behalf. We must stake our claim.

We can declare with conviction, “He is MY refuge and MY fortress, MY God in whom I trust.”

“He is my breakthrough and my promotion. He is my sound mind and my millionaire status. Because of Him, I am brilliant. Every day I am getting better. My mind is sharp; my youth is renewed; whatever I focus my attention towards, I am outstanding at!”

This is how we supersede our natural limitations and step into the realm of the supernatural. This is what it means to live by faith.


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