Rearranging the landscape of your life

Romans 8:1

“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”

When God related to men through the law of the Old Covenant it was very frustrating for Him.

He wanted to reach us with His blessing, which is His empowerment on our lives to prosper in all five realms of human existance (spiritually, socially, emotionally, mentally and financially). But the way things were set up, He could only do it if people kept their side of the agreement by walking in obedience to His commands.

However, the people of God kept on messing it up, and because God is a just God, He had to disregard them for the blessing.

For that reason God found fault with the Old Covenant, so He abolished it. He made a decision: from now on it wouldn’t depend on the part we played in the deal. He would be able to bless us and not disregard us despite our inadequacies. It wouldn’t depend on whether we performed perfectly as Christians, consistenly overcoming every weakness of our flesh. He has taken us out of the equation.

So what does it depend on?

It depends entirely on our acceptance of the fact that God has fully completed everything required for us to be blessed. It depends on whether we are willing to demote ourselves and take ourselves out of the equation, or whether we feel we still have something to prove.

Abraham and Sarah still felt they had something to offer when Sarah, obviously feeling the  pressure, brought Hagar into the picture. After that episode, God didn’t speak to Abraham again for 13 years. Why? Because He was giving him a chance to realize that he simply couldn’t make it happen.

The blessing of God is not on your efforts but on your audacity to receive it even while you know you don’t deserve it. To reject the voice of condemnation and to realize it has no power to block your breakthrough.

The power of that blessing will even rewrite the story of your life; just as it did for Abraham, who was remembered for his faith and not for his waverings. In the New Testament accounts, it is as if the negative parts of his life story never happened.

What a gracious God! Not only does He wipe out our mistakes, but His blessing swallows up every effect of the curse.

As you receive these truths, there is a BLESSING EXPLOSION that is about to rearrange the entire landscape of your life!

More tomorrow…


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