The devil won’t respect your sophistication

Luke 18:1

…men always ought to pray and not lose heart.

Do you pray about everything in your life or do you have an imaginary line between the things you pray about and the things you manage yourself?

Something will happen if we don’t pray. We will lose heart.

Prayer is like breathing. If you stop you will be too dead to feel much. You thought you could make it by yourself, that your education and your lineage was enough to make it happen for you, but life can throw you a curved ball that you can’t handle by your title or your wealth.

Maybe you are still in inferiority because you haven’t prayed to discover who you are and so you have believed what they have said about you. Your self worth is in the gutter. Even if you study the word, if you don’t pray you won’t make it. It is by prayer that you tap into the power.

If you spend time in the place of prayer, you will realise that you have been authorized by Heaven to create. Your life is not about just making it and just avoiding sinking. It’s your right to have your bills paid and to have a house and to come out of debt and to fulfill your God given purpose. But life is designed to sap you of strength. If you don’t pray your courage will fail you.

But we don’t live like natural people. When we get into trouble we don’t start shaking like the world. We pull out the blood of Jesus, and plead the blood of the lamb; we go to the Father and we commission the angels of God to act on our behalf.

We are faith people: we are not going to look around at what we can’t do. We don’t consult our situation to set our expectation, we pray according to the word.

When you wake up in the morning, pray and engage the Holy Ghost. The devil won’t respect your sophistication; only the blood of Jesus. We don’t lose heart. That is not us. Let people who don’t know how to talk to God do that. But when we get issues we don’t focus on telling everyone else, we talk to God about it.

We have a God that stands up for us and as we seek him, the Judge of the Earth will do what is right on our behalf.



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1 Comment on The devil won’t respect your sophistication

  1. Amen, thank you.

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