When life is like playing the slot machines in Vegas

Galatians 3: 11-12

…. that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for the just shall live by faith.Yet the law is not of faith…

There are two types of atheism: theoretical atheism is when they say there is no God. But much of the church lives the second type of atheism: a practical atheism.

That means that despite their assertions that they believe in a God who can help them, they still try to do everything within their strength.

They think, “If my job can’t help me, I am not sure that God can help me.”  “If medicine can’t heal me, I am getting ready to die, even though I went to church.” “If there is this flaw operating in my family, then I have no expectation of anything different happening in my future.”

If at church you can talk about grandiose ideas, yet in practice, when you get home, you are crying about where the money is going to come from, then you are living in practical atheism. You are trying to reach God in your own strength.

Like a slot machine that is rigged against you in Las Vegas, the system of doing things by yourself is set up for you to fail.

Could this be why well meaning Christians who pray long and hard still experience a lack of results?

It is not that praying is wrong; it is the reason you pray that is the issue. You think that in praying you are making God release the healing. But in thinking you need to put so much effort in to get the healing from God, you are actually opposing the release of something that is already yours.

He already decided to heal you but you are acting like He needs some persuasion before He is willing to act on your behalf.

Praying is not informing God of the situation. Or trying to find a soft spot in God’s heart. Jesus died because He already had a soft heart towards you.

True praying is when you take God up on His instruction to put Him in remembrance of His Word, or in other words to repeat back to Him what He has already said about the situation in trust and expectation that he is doing exactly that in your life.

That is why ignorance of the Word is the greatest component of Christian defeat.

But when you know the Word you can be built up in your faith and reassurance. You can live by that faith and rest from your own work. This is the life to which we were called. This is our faith.

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