There’s no judgement pending

Acts 13:38

Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through this Man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins;

How should we live given that since the death of Jesus Christ, we are now in a new season of God’s dealings with human beings? We don’t want to make the mistake of many New Testament believers who live their life as if they were under the Old Covenant.

Under that dispensation the standards of the law were always pointing out the failings of the people: sins of transgression and ommission. The sacrifice of animals had to be made repeatedly to cover those sins. No one was able to fully meet God’s standards – until Jesus walked this Earth, and perfectly interpreted and fuliflled every requirement of it. Then in His death He became the perfect sacrifice, needing to die only one time to completely wash away every sin past, present and future.

There is no judgement pending on our lives. Everything was placed on Jesus. God is not angry with you or with me. Everyone who believes is declared righteous and set right from all the things that we could not do for ourselves.

We are delivered from the performance trap; there is no punishment awaiting us and fear is robbed of its power to control and intimidate us, since all fear is rooted in the fear of punishment.

We are not guilty and not supposed to carry shame or condemnation, even if we committed the greatest crimes known to human kind. His standard is that those who look at women lustfully are the same as those whoe committed adultery, and that those who hate their brother are the same as murderers. He shows us that we are all equally lawbreakers; yet He has silenced the voice of accusation in our own hearts and minds by washing us clean with His own blood.

Insisting that only people who appear good can be in church is a misrepresentation of the gospel. Jesus was willing to eat food bought with stolen money at the house of Zaccheus and allow a prostitute to pour perfume over his feet. His actions were an offense to the self righeous people back then and still are now.

Which covenant are you living under? Make a decision to receive liberty today; you will never look back.

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