A personal perspective on serving the purposes of God

…The more I spend time in His presence, the more I am in awe of how marvelous He is. He is perfectly gracious and kind. What a gift from my Abba Father!

…My single most important discovery about opportunity and impossibilities is that bold decisive & courage ACTION always provokes providence…

…Today I celebrate God’s love for me. I am glad my life is submitted to someone bigger than myself. I’m privileged to serve a higher purpose…

….Maryanne is for me the greatest revelation of how God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. Special and chosen. Thank you Lord for adopting me…

…Ramson Mumba, Snr, the older you get, the more precious you become to me. You are a Prince among men. A noble man. Your life is a living epistle. I love you Dad.

….Imminent cities where the Lord is preparing for an El-Shaddai Church: Paris, Cape Town, Dublin, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool and Mexico…

…Why do good workouts always feel like self punishment? I refuse to stop now. Got to be fit enough to preach for a generation. Lol…

…My soul is satisfied. Thank you Lord for the privilege of unfolding the unsearchable riches of Christ & serving your purpose in my generation…

…Dad, when you gave up your job to serve God, thank you for demonstrating that living your purpose is more important than making a living…

…I love serving the purpose of God with my beautiful wife, Estrella and the awesome team around me. Wouldn’t wish it any other way…


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  1. Inspiring.

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