Let somebody love you

Habits are behaviours you keep repeating so that it becomes so easy to behave that way. In fact, 90% of all behaviour is habit driven. You don’t remember getting dressed or brushing your teeth, these are habits you do on auto pilot.

Depression , self pity and anger are habits. You feel as though you are a victim of such feelings and moods, but the truth is that you have entertained those attitudes and reactions to life so often that they are normal for you.

Every time you think you are not working by habits you are deceiving yourself. You may be tempted to lie to yourself about not being an addict to certain things like worry or criticism, but you cannot change unless you first recognize that these behavious are habitual and easy for you.

Your character, even if you say you are a victim, is shaped by what you do all the time. You do the choosing and then your actions define you.

There are certain habitual  behaviours you can’t come out of by yourself, even if you are brilliant. You get into some things that you need someone to fetch you out of.

That habit is now so compulsive that someone will have to hold you up. You will have to let down your guard and let somebody love you. You cannot be an island.

Let a trustworthy person speak into your life. Make yourself accountable to someone else so that they can help you guard the new boundaries that you put up in your life.

Be wise about who you open your heart to. Don’t disclose your deepest struggles too soon in a new relationship. People have to earn the right to share your secrets. If some people know too much about you they will publish your issues. You need friends who will cover you and believe the best about you, just like God, who, even though he knows your weakness, always talks to you about your highest potentials and is your greatest cheerleader.

Ultimately you do have the power to change by means of the Word of God.  Don’t waste time feeling annoyed your whole life about the things you can’t change. Just work with what you’ve got and accept who you are, as you work to build habits of godly behaviours that make you strong in character and worthy of admiration.

As you do this you are on course to liking yourself. You will be developing self respect and self worth as you watch yourself changing habits that undermine your sense of dignity.

Make a faith decision even now, ahead of even seeing anything and declare it over your life: “I like who I am and I am fit for purpose.”

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3 Comments on Let somebody love you

  1. I like who I am and am fit for purpose.

  2. Love this! This article is so true!

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