Act now!

James 1:22

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

The difference between where you are today and where you will be tomorrow is not just the dreams you have and the thoughts you entertain, but the things that you act upon.

The Word of God is the power of God to him that believes. This isn’t mental assent; this is an action based exercise. If you believe God we will see it in your actions; you act on what you believe.

Nothing happens until you make a move. Until the ball is in play we won’t know who is going to win the trophy.

You are a champion in Christ. You aren’t supposed to wait for stuff, you are supposed to take it by force. Your sole has to tread that piece of ground before it belongs to you. God cannot help a passive person. If you don’t move, God is limited. He will not violate your free will. He won’t even get born again on your behalf, even if He wants to.

The difference between our God and other gods is that our God can move. He can set aside some things for you and open up the Red Sea. He said that His hand is not too short to save.

His hand can reach the issue in hand. Your situation isn’t beyond repair. Even if it is dead, He is the God of resurrection. He can move and His word is active.

Maybe they told you that you cannot have that thing, but if you move towards it, and get onto the battlefield with the Word, God will open the door that no man can shut.

What have you not taken possession of yet that belongs to you because you haven’t moved? You are waiting on God and he is waiting on you. God is saying, “Walk in
the length of the land and then I can give it to you”

I encourage you to move today: find out about the mortgage. Apply for the job. Ask for the promotion. Go talk to that girl you have been interested in for weeks.

Expect God to move on your behalf. By His grace you will come out on top!

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