Increase can come early

1 John 3:8

The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [has done]

Since the beginning of time there has been an enemy in the Earth, working against the plan of God for our lives.

The good news is that God has not left us at his mercy. The Father sent His Son to Earth to cut through the thread that the devil has used to bind us up, and  because of that, every straightjacket that is on us is coming off.

Whatever the issue is for you, whatever weave of destruction that the devil has sown through your life, Jesus has loosened it.

Yet for many people life is just existence; a burden; an empty shell. When you have nothing to live for the days are long. When you have no purpose everything  seems like it is too much, too boring, too hopeless; Satan has stolen everything from you. But Jesus was revealed to restore it all back to you.

Lift up your head and expect to receive some restoration in your life: your self worth, your healing, your soundness of mind, your finances – they are coming to you. They have been restored to you and now it is your turn to not settle for an empty life any longer

What can your faith draw from God today that should have happened ten years from now? Your increase will come early when you act on your covenant.  Healing is the daily bread of the children. There is no brand of devil that is stronger than the name of Jesus. How is your mindset concerning these things?

You are set to go beyond your education and any statistics and stereotypes. You are an heir of the world. If there is anything missing or broken in any area of your life, you should not accept that that is your portion. Restoration is your portion.

You can get your joy back. The Lord is working on your behalf.  You don’t need to wake up at night in a cold sweat. The man of war is fighting your battles for you; so don’t give up and die today or tomorrow. Live long enough to see God bring it all to perfection.

God is so good! He is looking for your faith that authorizes Him to act on your behalf. Honor Him your faith today, and see what He will do!

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2 Comments on Increase can come early

  1. The Free Woman // September 24, 2012 at 5:34 pm // Reply

    I have so many questions I am seeking and studying for. One of the main ones I’m stuck on now is prosperity.
    For example when I go to the white church it’s only acceptable to prosper in your spirit. The prosperity doctrine is made fun of and monetary issues are not addressed on how to increase and prosper totally.
    When I go to the black church it’s totally embraced and taught in depth.
    When I go to the Hispanic church it’s noble to be poor.
    Preachers who don’t agree on healing and prosperity call each other false prophets and heretics. I’m so confused.

    You input sir?

    Thank you!!

  2. That was beautiful ,compelling and uplifting, just what I needed in my day.

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