You are called to connect and belong

1 Conrinthians 12:18

But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased.

You and I are spirit beings having a natural experience here on the Earth.

Every day two realities are going on at the same time in our lives. If we only understand this natural dimension of life, we will be limited in the degree to which we can participate in the outworking of the eternal purpose of God. Cars houses titles, friends, family – although these things are important,  they will not be as important as the fact that one day we will stand before God to give account for what we did with our lives.

I refuse to waste my life on just being a human being. The most important decision you and I will ever make is to determine our personal responsibility towards a Holy God.

The truth is that we have been called by God to be a member of a wider body of believers that the Bible refers to as church.

However, not everything that will call itself church is actually the church. The true church is a called out company of people who each have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ. If we go to church but there is no one revealing Jesus, that is not a church according to Bible definition.

Most churches are a gathering of people who have natural interest or connection: race, culture, background, education, and past church experience.

But the true church is actually an assembly. That means that there is construction work going on as the living stones are being built together to make a spiritual house, and natural diversity is celebrated under the one head: Jesus Christ – who is the living Word of God.

As the Word is preached and taught clearly, the control of any one person or family vanishes. Each person has a part to play.

The church is not a casual decision. God set the five- fold ministries in place to perfect the greatness within you.

God’s biggest plan is to raise up and send all of us. Don’t let depression and fear draw you away from the fulfilment of your eternal destiny within the church of Jesus Christ.

Which one is going to be bigger in you: your future or your fear? There is no perfect church, yet we are called to connect and to belong. It will sometimes take strength to work things through.

I love the house of El-Shaddai, because I can see the results that come only by the Word of God. This is not our resting place, it is our launching pad to the nations of the World to which God sends us. Bring it on!

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