The power of being a doorkeeper

Psalm 92:13

…..planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God….

El-Shaddai is not a conventional church, it is a vision greater than a nationality, a  country, a social group,  a color or your education. It has yet to find full expression in the nations of the World.

What we have right now is the beginning of the launchpad to the nations of the World. God’s biggest plan is to raise up and send all of us.

The church is not supposed to be a bunch of professionals putting on a show with everyone else watching. We are all part of the body.

That means that every member has a part they are supposed to play; but if you don’t play that part the body won’t function as it should. Not only that but you start dying also, because being a part is an organic thing.

Maybe you are not as vibrant a  human being as you should be because you are not connected to the purpose of God other than for the benefit of your own agenda.

Every time we promote the Kingdom agenda, we go back to our home and find that our income has gone up, or that God has visited our house with some breakthrough and blessing. When you honor God, He honors you. Whatever you make happen for the kingdom, He will make sure you will see it at your house.

For my part, I’d rather be a door keeper in God’s house.

Whatever your disillusionment and disappointment with Christian people, don’t lose your passion for God and for His church. You are eternally significant: a spirit being having a natural experience;  don’t spend your life on worthlessness.

One day there will be a line of people in Heaven who made it because of you. Your smile as you greeted someone made them decide to be a part of the church, even though in their mind it was the Word that made them stay; yet in reality it was your warmth as they came in that made them want to hang around this bunch of people called El-Shaddai.

So my question to you today is, will you move to accomplish God’s agenda?

I have no fear of the future for two reasons: Firstly, God loves me too much to ever leave me stranded. Secondly, when He calls for Estrella and me, we move to obey and fulfill what He wants done here on the Earth.

Will you connect to the church of Jesus Christ and become active in serving and loving God’s people?

You haven’t even begun to discover how awesome you are until you have begun to focus on someone else’s interests and not simply your own.

Go for it!

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2 Comments on The power of being a doorkeeper

  1. Amen.

  2. I thank God brought me to this brook. As I serve in the House of God I see God taking care of everything that concerns me. The wisdom, the people, the teaching is just amazing. I have grown spiritually through the teachings and my life with never be the same again.GC

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