Who are you and why are you here?

Proverbs 29: 18

Where there is no vision, the people perish (cast off restraint)

What is the ultimate purpose of your life?

You haven’t begun living until you have dedicated yourself to a purpose that is greater than your selfish ambition, until it ceases being all about you.

If you have no greater cause to which you have dedicated yourself, you will live by what feels right, and judge by what appears to be happening around you.

When you have a vision for your life you run within your lane. It will constrict you and cause you to act in line with it. It will govern your behavior. If anything goes in your life; if your life is about trying one new thing after another, it could well be because you have no definite purpose.

It is easy to pursue the wrong things thinking they will satisfy you – money, fame, social standing or romance; yet even when you choose a marraige partner, if you fail to choose a man who is willing to live for something greater than himself,  he will lack perspective and be unaccountable in life.

If you are wondering what purpose to pursue take note of what God says in Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is  God’s rule in action. Make the Kingdom your priority. The greatest thing we can give ourselves to is the eternal purpose of God.

Be stirred up about what God wants to do in the Earth – and His righteousness. Maintain a relationship with God that is awesome and sweet and which is governed by the principles of the God of the Kingdom. Pursue the purpose of God. You will discover yourself as you do so.

Nothing and no one in this world can tell you who you are except the God that made you. It is as you pursue Him and His Kingdom that you will meet yourself. Knowing God is the only way of knowing yourself.  If you have sought to know the King, take away all the external things and you will still be the person God has made you.

There is no better way to live your life than in pursuit of the same goals that are on God’s heart. Today I am praying for you that your life will begin in a new way as you make the decision that will settle the issue once and for all for you.


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