Destiny, purpose and all that good stuff

…Deep in the heart and soul of every human being there is a pre-programmed destiny that resonates with their personal talents, gifts and strengths.

…A person who is conscious of his purpose and its accompanying responsibility for fulfilling it will never waste or throw away his life.

…The two most important decisions you can make, humanly speaking, are: resolutely decide what you want and believe that you deserve to have that.

…If you are not completely convinced about the worth and value of your dream, you will always find a reason to stay average or to go back to your comfort zone.

…One of the most profound mysteries is why some people are easily motivated to give their best, while others couldn’t be paid to be motivated!

…If you would like to win, but lack the discipline to prepare, you soon realize that success is not an accident. Discipline brings repeated success.

…Developing a passion for executing your strategic plans with excellence will shift you from simply being a dreamer to possessing your dream.

…If you keep preparing your time will eventually come. Never stop stretching the limits of what is possible and stop competing with buzzards!

…Your struggles and challenges in life will only cease to be pointless and meaningless when you use them to serve a greater purpose than your own.

…Instead of being preoccupied with what you want from life, make sure you discover and understand what life expects from you!

…I don’t believe in accidents or mistakes. I believe in choice and consequence. I believe in courage and destiny. I believe in redemption!

….I am praying for every member, partner and friend that you will experience serendipity. You’ve been set up! I pray that God will open your eyes!

These are all things I have tweeted in recent months. To follow me on Twitter, take a look at @ramsonmumba

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2 Comments on Destiny, purpose and all that good stuff

  1. Amen, this is good.

  2. pat and isaac mandengu // September 15, 2012 at 7:33 am // Reply

    Awesome!!!I really love this.Feels so personal ,like an email specifically for me.Thank you so so much!!

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