It sounds good, but how does it work?

Galatians 5:16

Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

This is how you avoid hatred and jealousy and anger and drugs and worry and every evil lust.

The only trouble is, it sounds good but how does it work? We like religious sounding things in church. But we need to know how to make it happen. It is fruitless to talk about things that you simply don’t know how to carry out. If that is the case then you are stranded even though the possibility of escaping exists.

All of the lusts that we talked about yesterday are first of all mindsets: jealousy, fornication, envy, revelry, lewdness. Before you engage in any kind of acitvity, you first of all think about it. That is the root of the issue. It’s the things that we like to entertain in our minds that keeps us in the place of weakness.

It is a daily battle. We constantly wrestle between different options, responses and courses of action that present themselves to our thinking. The word of God offers one path, our flesh, a totally different one. So how can we ensure that we turn the battle in the right direction every time?

Jesus tells us in John 6:63 that the spirit and the word are one and the same. Walking by the spirit is not a spooky or religious phrase that we cannot interpret or perform; it simply means to walk, or make progress in our lives by means of the word of God. If I can’t see the word in what you do, there is no spirit in it. The spiritual aspect is determined by the element of the word.

Every time you sit under the preached word or open your Bible to read and meditate, it cleanses you. It washes your soul. It causes you to reach a place where your desires line up with God’s purposes. As you keep doing it, the conflict within you fades and dies altogether and God knows He can trust you on a new level. Instead of reacting according to the recommendations of your flesh, you pray His word back to Him in every situation that you face.

Begin today – and refuse to feel condemned when you get it wrong. God has already made provision for that missed step and every one of our sins, past, present and future, are already blotted out by the blood of Jesus!

It’s within our grasp to have a mind that is at peace because the battles are no longer raging as they used to.

Now THAT is good news!


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