You will have what you say but you will become what you see

Genesis 11:6

…..and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.

What is it that you imagine that God can do with your life?

Your ability to dream and imagine what could be ahead of time is crucial to your advance in life. Intelligence can only take you so far, but the fact that you can escape your present by visiting your future on the canvas of your imagination is the thing that makes the difference in oppressive circumstances when you would otherwise be stuck.

Martin Luther King is famous for having a dream although they laughed at him when he spoke of it.

People always laugh at big dreams because they don’t understand that, if a man sets his heart on anything, according to Genesis 11, he is capable of bringing it to pass.

Dreams place a demand on your abilities and cause you to ask yourself, “What must I become to accomplish what God has set before me?”

They scorned Joseph’s dream, but he held onto it and kept dreaming through the challenging seasons of his life. Despite the challenges, he became everything he had been dreaming of being.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Fill your heart with dreams that are provoked by the Word of God. Just like Joseph, when your heart is full you won’t be able to stop yourself from speaking of them. And then, even if people laugh, you will still go on to have what you say and to become what you see so clearly in your imagination.

If there is no dream of anything better on the inside of you no wonder you just talking and complaining about the status quo!

It is time to dream again because God hasn’t finished with you yet. He will move again in your life if you will dream again.

Never despise your dreams even if people are laughing. One day your dream will save them.

Today I declare that your imagination is set free to dream again. Because your dreams will be the difference in your days to come.

Praying for you as always!



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1 Comment on You will have what you say but you will become what you see

  1. This is Powerfull! Amen.

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