You are more awesome than you think

Who are you and what do you say about yourself?

Most people have abdicated the responsibility of defining who they are and turned that over to others to define them. But if you do that  you then have someone else telling you what beauty is, or what intelligence is and you find you will never measure up!

Ultimately what they say about you does not determine who you are, but what you say about yourself will make or break you.

Other people – even members of your own family –  often cannot perceive you accurately and they try to put on you their own inadequacies and limitations. Don’t rely on the observations and feedback of others to form your image of yourself.

You lose your place of power when give the job to someone else to define you, because having used their criteria to do so, they will confine and restrict your ability to perform and advance.

People generally give the job of definingwho they are to others when they have a lot of self hatred.

Self hatred is a thought; a suggestion that you are inferior, unlovable, worthless or incompetent. Anybody who has any of these lurking in their psyche to any degree, has some work to do.

Some people simply hate themselves; others hate their characteristics or their attributes. Self haters may reject their demographic identity – their race, color, gender, or circumstances of birth. However on this it is not really about what you or I wanted for ourselves, but it is about what and who He intended us to be before the foundation of the World.

When people don’t like themselves they have suicidal thoughts, they self harm and they don’t want to associate with other good people. They are angry and critical of others – and the root cause is because they are not whole within themselves.

If there is a fight going on within you today for who you are, let me encourage you to log onto youtube at  The message that God gave me entitled “Delivered from yourself.” holds crucial keys for restoration and wholeness.

It’s time to stop killing yourself with self deprecation while you call it humility, and time to genuinely realise “I am so good it must be God!”

As you lay hold of love for yourself, love for others and love for God will also fall into place and you will be positioned to go on and fulfill your purpose in this life.

Praying for you this weekend that you are released from the inability to declare your identity and purpose without shame or a sense of inferiority, and that you discover the awesome truth about who you are. You will not be disappointed!



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