Your life is supposed to be about something big

What is your passion?

You were not born just to work at your secular job and have kids and then die. Surely you don’t think that can satisfy you? It is only fulfilling your purpose that will satisfy you. Every day you should breathe the purpose for which you live.

I don’t want a shallow existence.  Give me someone to preach to. Everything in me is focused on that aim. I would rather die than not talk about Jesus. The dangerous preacher is the one who has to preach because he can’t do anything else. As for me, fresh insight and revelation is what I am about.

I am not running for office, someone else will have to do that. I am focussed on building the church of Jesus Christ. I don’t play with it because I know that it is God who has entrusted these truths to me. Don’t lose your confidence in the gospel and preach humanistic ideas. As church leaders we should still open the Bible.

The church of Jesus Christ is worth spending our lives for. He is worthy of our best when He gave us his best. Satan should not win this generation.

What are you going to give your life to? What will you spend your life on?

You are bigger than the things that have got our attention and yet those things are not giving meaning to someone else. Your life can give someone else purpose. You are not insignificant. When is your life going to be about something bigger than me, myself and I? Today we have an opportunity to live for something greater than ourselves and to make a mark on this generation that can never be erased.

How deep does this passion for the purpose of God go? When you rise God will make you stand on whatever platform you want to stand. The first question is, ” Is there an unquenchable passion in you for serving the purpose of God in this generation?”

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1 Comment on Your life is supposed to be about something big

  1. Thanks so much Dr Mumba. I couldn’t agree more!
    It really is such a joy and honour to serve the El Shaddai family worldwide. God has spoken so much into my Spirit during my time with you all and I know the best is yet to come.
    Every blessing,

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