You decide how God treats you

1 Samuel 2:30

For those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.

Just because you want something to happen in your life, it doesn’t mean it will happen.  God has declared that He will personally honor those who have honored Him, but those who fail to honor God will be lightly esteemed by Him.

You and I decide how God will treat us. If you are dissatisfied because you know it is supposed to be better than this, maybe you are sowing some dishonor somewhere.

On the flip side, honoring God is so powerful that you can have everything working against you in life and still come out on top if you will operate in honor even in the midst of your situation.

Jabez was a man about whom no one cared. He had even been named “pain”. He was distraught that his cause had been disregarded and his place was hopeless. Maybe there was no point of even praying. But in the midst of that despair he honored God. He was remembered and celebrated as the most honorable man in all of the tribe of Judah.

If you will honor God by giving more weight to what He says in his Word than even to the words of the doctor, the lawyer or your closest friends, then God will personally see to it that you receive honor in your life.

This is not just the insubstantial applause of other men, that is here one day and gone tomorrow, but the lasting cooperation of God in all that you put your hand to. When God honors you there is a widespread appreciation and recognition of your worth and an importance attached to who you are and what you do. You can never be easily dismissed as insignificant, you attain to dignity and a sense of nobility and people desire your presence.

For myself I made a decision: the honor that comes from God is indispensable. Praying for you too that you will unlock the treasures that are only available through this kind of honor.


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