Create your own future!

Mark 4:14

The sower sows the word…

Whatever you lack, you can grow it if you recognize and begin to execute the law of sowing and reaping.

You can sow the Word of God into your situation by meditatiing on it and speaking it over your life. The Word is incorruptible seed and it will not lose its ability to produce. It is no respecter of persons, education, gender, race, demographic or anything you may think is your disadvantage. It is the great equalizer and will reap a harvest for any person who sows it diligently.

Instead of spending your time worrying today, get busy cultivating a different future by the Word of your mouth. When trouble comes, don’t yield to the negative point of view. There is always an answer and a way out, and that comes by the Word.

People cry out to God for Him to change their circumstances and answer their requests. But the truth is that all the answers we need have already been given in the Word. Is it up to us to take the Word and turn it into manifested reality.

Opportunities come from come from within ourselves, not from outside. We have been created as incubators of the will of God as we take the raw material of the Word sow it into our hearts and then into our lives as we speak out of the overflow of our hearts. Breakthrough comes from within.

Whatever you would love to do it is in your power to do. When no one wants to help you, you make your own opportunities. You always have a choice. You can have what you say, so get busy today speaking the Word.

As you do so you open up a whole new realm of possibility for your life. Now you realize that your possibilitites are not determined by who you have been up until now, but on what is contained in the Word of God that you are willing to meditate on and sow into your life. God has forgiven and forgotten your past; He is interested in your future.

It’s time for some undeniable proof which will confound the wisdom and expectations of the unbeliever. If you have a seed, you have a future.

Praying for you that you will be wholehearted in sowing for the future you want and will reap the harvest you long for.

Every blessing!

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5 Comments on Create your own future!

  1. Chantelle Gordon // August 20, 2012 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    My goodness dad you are in my business!!!

    Many blessings

    Chantellè Gordon C.E.O of Aspiire Hiigher Ltd

  2. I see myself going places that I never thought I would before. You taught us to dream big, shape our future on the canvas of our imagination and to SOW THE WORD.

    Pastor’s life is a good example that it is possible to live in the midst of your confession. I will keep sowing the Word and will have what I say. To stop looking for opportunities for I AM THE OPPORTUNITY. Thank you Pastor. Blessings.

  3. So encouaraging! Thank you Pastor.

  4. God bless you Pastor. I always find a word in season for me each time I read ur words of encouragement/ Listen to ur teachings. I really thank God for ur life because ur confidence in the AUTHORITY of the WORD of God has really strengthened my own faith and that of many other people… re indeed making a mark that can NEVER be erased. Glory be to God!!!!

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