Have an awesome personality!

Proverbs 16:32.

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty. He who rules his own spirit is greater than one who takes a city.

There are a lot of people with external accomplishments and they get great accolade, but according to the scripture, a person who can get hold of himself is greater.

We all want to look like we have it going on and desire that others would have cause to envy us;  but if you look at real value, ruling your self is more to be sought after.

The epitome of human achievement is self mastery: the ability to possess yourself; to get hold of your own temper, your propensity to be depressed, to be lazy or to be a procrastinator, and to become a person of character.

But how do we do that?

This is a word planet. God spoke everything into being and everything on the planet responds to words, including the soulish realm of man.

Words frame your thinking. When you give yourself to certain thoughts they made you feel a certain way, which gave rise to certain decisions that translated into actions and habits. Habits frame character and character determines the ultimate destiny to which a man can attain.

When we hear words we deal in images. Thoughts are seeds and will produce a harvest. Everything is trying to give you words; songs, TV, movies, advertisements – all kinds of images are coming at you. You have to understand that every image that is produced in your mind by the words you hear and absorb, is about to give you some kind of harvest.

In other words, once you handle the cause the effect is taken care of. The end is pre-existent in the beginning seed.

If you want to get hold of yourself you have to get hold of your thinking, and you achieve this by changing the words that you are sowing into your life day by day.

Being a person of integrity , or wholeness of personality  and strength of character, is part of our inheritance as believers. Whatever character trait you feel that you lack, (courage for instance) start confessing every day that you are that exact type of person (courageous and bold)

Let the words fill your mind with images of that attribute and what it would look like for you to operate in it. Before you know that is exactly how you will start behaving, because the harvest of those words will come up in your life., and the previous habits of behavior will fall away from you through disuse.

How exciting to live by the Word of God! There is no soulish malady that cannot be overcome: addictions, disorders and imbalances of emotions will lose their grip and you will find yourself achieving the greatest of all accomplishments in life: the ability to rule yourself.


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