Skeletons in the closet?

Very few people live their lives; most people simply exist from day to day, letting life happen to them.

The truth is that we will never find our reason to be here on Planet Earth until we connect with the purpose of God in our lives. But living life just like everyone else, with our minds fixed on the world’s way of doing things will not enable us to make a significant mark on our generation.

Unbelievers “toil and spin” (Matthew 6:27-29). In a godless system where every individual is on his own in making his life work, worry is the driving force and manipulation of people and events to personal advantage is the order of the day.

Any Christian who chooses to live that way, just like everyone else, will have to become good at duplicity: one face for church and one for getting what they need from the world. One face for being nice to people on a Sunday and another for dealing with the toughness of the world.

The world’s system will never crown you champion without putting skeletons in your closet, and then it will use those skeletons to exert leverage over you.

The Kingdom of God works by sowing and reaping and trusting God for your harvest while you sow your life as a seed into His purposes. And the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it.

Which way is it going to be in your life?

I encourage you to let God love you. He will never reject you and He does not condemn you. His love brings out the best in you, so yield to Him today and trust Him to take care of you as you operate His system. No one can do you like Jesus and He will never mismanage your life!

Praying for you as always.



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