Colossian 1:13

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love….

If you have been born again, you are no longer under the dominion and authority of Satan, the god of this world. No demons or curses have power over you. You are not waiting for someone to pray the right prayer over you or for the next deliverance service, you are already delivered.

Many people believe that God and the devil are in a contest and they talk more about what the devil is doing than about what God is doing.

But we have been disconnected.

John 16:33 tells us that in the world we will have trouble, but we have been severed from the power of trouble. It may try to come, but we can shake it off. The devil is no longer empowered to just do what he likes in our lives. We are no longer citizens under his jurisdiction. We enjoy living under a King whose code and values are different. Now we can expect peace, wholeness, soundness, restoration and redemption.

Today we must count ourselves as disconnected from what we believe to be the reality of our lives and recognize that we are redeemed from our background, our mistakes, our inadequacies and our natural disadvantages; we no longer participate in sickness and recession and heartache and brokenness and debt.

We no longer need to look to the world’s system for our answers – we qualify for the supernatural blessing of God!

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