Get the right people in your life!

Deuteronomy 32:30

How could one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight, unless their rock had sold them, and the Lord had surrendered them?….

The devil is the author of the spirit of division.

He knows that when people are of one accord, he is rendered absolutely powerless in affecting the outcomes of their lives. One of the most awesome truths one could ever learn is that if you stay in the love of God, you are in a zone where Satan has no authority whatsoever.

If you want to discover the most vulnerable areas of your life, then just look at the ones where there’s strife, discord, anger and disagreement. The spirit of division is Satan’s access door into your life. If, however, you want to amplify the level of manifestation and results you have been getting, then it’s time to bring your life into alignment with people who have the same vision, passion, language and purpose.

The people who have set themselves in opposition to you are not there to help you realise your destiny. They are there to help you develop character because they force you to exercise yourself unto godliness.

But again, if you want results, it’s time to have people of like-precious faith around you. Notice that your capacity is increased exponentially when you find the right relationships both in life and in Heaven’s economy. All of a sudden you are no longer just in the realm of the thousands but now you have dominion in the arena of the tens of thousands.

One of the most powerful prayers you can pray is that God would send the right people into your life, and also take away those that don’t belong there. Today tap the power of agreement by only investing in significant relationships, whether it is your friends, family, spouse or even wider church family. I set my faith in agreement with your that God will hook you up to the right people in this season of Days of Heaven on Earth so you may enjoy even greater results than you could by yourself.

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  2. Looken good

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