Life is an Act.

The quickest way to develop any virtue is to act like you possess it. All of life is an act. You are an actor on the stage of your life. Whichever character you choose, that is what you are going to be.

You shape yourself by acting and as you choose what actions to take you choose who you are. There is nothing original about you. How you are is a matter or training.  Are your actions empowering you or disempowering you?

Your actions are the seeds that affect the outcomes of your life. How you are acting today is constructing your future. Every action is a block on the construction site of your life. This is because your actions put into effect the law of sowing and reaping. However you act, that is what you will reap. Sowing and reaping is an eternal law and God will not be made a fool out of. (Galatians 6:7)

Most of us get flabbergasted when our harvest comes in. We are not aware of our seed.

Based on how you have been acting, will you be happy when your harvest comes in?

He that wants to have friends must be friendly; not competitive with everyone, and not gossiping behind their back. If you always run out of money, change your spending habits. If you always attract a bum, stop putting out bum vibes. Put out distinctive signs to get a man of distinction. If we have carried out some actions whose harvest we don’t want, we need to repent, which means realising our fault and changing wrong actions into ones whose harvest we would welcome. God is so gracious; he always gives us a way out.

These notes are from a message called “The Law of Actions”, From the series “The 8 Laws that govern life”  currently being shown on My 20 Houston at 6.00am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Comcast channel 4)

Worth getting up early for! But if you don’t live close enough or simply prefer to get CD’s; you can do that also. just message me.

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