Trying to be popular

John 5:44

How can you believe, who receive honour that comes only from God?…

One of the greatest temptations that we have as human beings is the tendency to be more people conscious than we are God conscious. We assume that if people are pleased with us. Then all must be well, at least on the surface.

Consequently, a lot of people squander their lives seeking the approval of men, spending inordinate amounts of time playing to popular opinion and trends. It’s an attempt to seek honour from others.

Of course the scripture teaches us to honour appropriately but never to seek our own honour. In fact, if you fail in life, it will be because of a person you failed to honour. Conversely if you succeed in life, it will also be because of a person you chose to honour.

Whoever’s word carries weight or weighs heavy in your life will determine the major outcomes of your life. Notice there is a specific brand of honour that comes from God only. Most people have never known this brand of honour because they neither knew about it nor have they taken time to pursue it, since it demands faith, humility and a conscious decision to dethrone one’s own opinions and predisposition.

When God’s word becomes the final authority in your life and weighs heavier than any other opinion, then you are positioned for the honour that comes from God only.

No man can honour you like God can. When God gets through honouring you, He always beautifies the same areas of previous shame and deficit in your life so much so that you become the envy of your peers. He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

The honour that comes from God is for the purpose of distinguishing you. It’s magnanimous, splendid, incredibly peaceful and genuine, so much so that you won’t have to pretend to be whole.

Whatever your present challenges let me encourage you today to live for the audience of one. Choose to honour God especially in your private decisions and deliberation, and let Him who sees in secret reward you openly.

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