Hi everyone!

Welcome to our newest media adventure.

My desire is to connect with as many people as possible with the awesome revelation of God’s goodness, His love and His plans for every indiviual life.

We each have a destiny of significance, wholeness, fulfilment and satisfaction. We are vital to God’s heart and His purposes.

You can scroll down to read daily posts and messages from my desk and also subscribe by clicking below to receive an email every time I post something.

We will be publishing photos, videos and all kinds of news and updates of all that God is doing in El-Shaddai International Christian Centre. We will also be adding reports and testimonies of so many others who have a story to tell of God’s goodness to them.

I would love for you to connect by leaving your comment. You can also submit a contribution or testimony by emailing

As you read I invite you not only to come to a place of belief in and trust in God, but also to understand that God believes in you and is on your side to bring about great things in your life.

Be blessed!

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Your thoughts?

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