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Your dreams are the key to your future

9-3-14 14

Genesis 13:14-15

The Lord said to Abram after Lot had left him, Lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward;  For all the land which you see I will give to you and to your posterity forever.

When Abraham was going through his faith challenge to receive a son via God’s promise, God’s dealings with him took him the full distance to his manifestation.

At this point in his journey we see God doing two significant things in Abraham’s life: He separated him from Lot and gave Him a new vision.

Are you getting ready to go to the next level?

If you are moving forward, certain things and certain people will drop off. You might be crying right now because you were fired from your last job, but maybe you needed to be fired because that little company wasn’t going anywhere and you had to have more room. You felt the prompting to leave, but you chose security and you wouldn’t take the step. Be careful not to choose security over opportunity in case you end up with neither.

If you are growing too big for your current environment, it’s time to get some new friends. Your current friends are talking all about what they don’t have and what is not working. You aren’t ready to fulfil your calling if you aren’t ready to separate in order to make progress. There are certain things you simply can’t see while you are hanging around the wrong crowd.

 Abraham was caught up in conflict with Lot, and eventually the two separated. Immediately afterward, God told him to lift up his eyes; stop focusing on what he had been going through and receive a new vision. He was ready to see something he hadn’t seen before to go further than he’s ever been before. Like Abraham your answer is not in the valley, so stop talking about what is challenging you. It’s time to lift up your eyes.

What are you looking at right now?

God spoke an amazing thing to Abraham in this verse. He told him that as far as his eyes could see, that was how much land had been given to him and his descendants forever.

What an earth shattering statement!

The meant that it wasn’t a predetermined amount of land; nor did it’s boundaries depend on what battles he would have to face to possess it; but the only thing that could limit the inheritance that Abraham was able to receive, was his ability to see it before he dwelt in it.

Your life will go as far as you can see that it could. Whatever is impossible to you in your mind, that is where the boundary for your life is drawn.

People don’t want to let themselves dream, because they are afraid of disappointment; but that is the world’s way of thinking. When the men of the time were planning to build the Tower of Babel, God himself said that there was nothing that could restrain men from building something when they had a clear and focused blueprint.

Your life has to be built in the realm of visions and dreams before anything can be built in the natural plane.  This is just like a house – it is built first of all on paper by an architect, before you see anything materializing at the building site. Once you can see what you believe on the inside, it is only a matter of time before you will see it on the outside. In fact, your life right now is the result of what you saw yesterday.

Wherever you are today, what is it that you desire? What can you imagine for your future? Maybe you can’t imagine yourself living in a mansion. Well don’t worry about it, because if you can’t imagine it, you never will. But if you will dare to set your sights on something beyond the statistical norms for your demographic and level of schooling, you can break out of what people around you would expect for you.

Maybe, like Abraham, you have been hampered by the presence of someone in your life who keeps you thinking small – on the inside you have the desire to be great, but you have never allowed the image to form in your heart. Maybe you are a bold entrepreneur trapped in a little, dead end company, and you need to lift up your eyes and see great possibilities. What you see now is only a stopping point along the way to your wealthy place.

The worst thing you can do in life, is fail to believe God for anything – to fail to dream or to desire anything from Him. To fail to imagine that anything can ever be better than the set of circumstances you see before you now.

What images are paying in your mind? What do you see for your future? Your family? Your career? Your influence? Your health? Your house(s)? If you don’t see yourself as enough, you will always be less than. If you don’t believe you are deserving, you will be shocked when anything good happens to you.

I refuse to take instruction from my circumstances, and instead I let myself dream HUGE dreams about the many good days that God promises in His Word to the believer. Every day I declare that the whole world has been set up to promote the accomplishment of my purpose. Everything is aligning itself right now to make sure that we fulfil our destiny.

How about you?


Becoming unstoppable in relationships


Have you ever wondered why the strength of your feelings of love wane after you get married?

Before you were married, you couldn’t wait to be together, but as time goes on you find it harder to keep that sparkle in your relationship. When kids come, they can become the focus and you may not even notice that your time alone with your husband or wife has dwindled to almost nothing.

However much you are in love at the start of it all, as the years pass, you can end up concluding that it was all a mistake, and before you realize it you feel trapped.

The truth is that human love will come up short in life. It will be insufficient to take you the distance in any relationship. If you are relying on your infatuation to last, you will be disappointed for sure. Infatuation literally means, “to be infected with folly.” Or in plain terms, you have taken “stupid pill” However infatuated with a person you have been in the past, infatuation is not equipped to take you where you need to go in your marriage.

In fact, all the stuff you read online about dating will be useless now that you are married, since the world’s model for relationship is manipulation – two people using each other for to get their own needs met; but the Kingdom way is selflessness. We operate in relationships by giving the advantage. It is a huge shift in mindset and behavior.

The Kingdom way is scary at first; to live selflessly – more concerned about the other person’s hurts and problems than your own – seems incredibly risky. The fear that they will take advantage of you is real. But the more you get into it, trusting God every step of the way, the more you will found out that God’s plan works. If you have not lived long enough yet to discover that God is right, let me invite you to live a little longer and keep watching to see. The times that I thought He was wrong and I wanted to show Him the way more perfectly, I later discovered that His way had been the best all along. That is why I am now at a place where I don’t have to understand Him in order to obey.

Marriage is the opportunity to give up what you are as an independent individual, so that you can become something greater together. If you have no vision of what you can be together, you will feel that it is an unfair exchange, but if you can see that two are better than one, you will be able to say to God, “Enlarge my heart, Lord. Help me and put some of your love into my heart, because I have run out of my own.”

God chose you to be the steward of your husband’s or wife’s idiosyncrasies, and to still love them all the same. It takes a decision to see the fullness of another’s humanity and to still choose to respect them.

Do not be confused: when you get married, your husband or wife becomes your greatest assignment. If you love your wife with everything that you are, gentlemen, you won’t need to worry about your kids having the right perspective on women when it comes to their turn to date.

In fact the greatest thing that a father can do for his kids is to love his wife wholeheartedly and selflessly. The greatest thing that a mother can do for her kids, is to respect and honor her husband with the utmost affection.

Don’t make it your life’s assignment to change your spouse. It is futile since you can’t even change yourself, let alone someone else. That makes it the saddest calling in life. Not only that, but if you are secretly criticizing her in your thoughts, she will be distant, and you will be estranged from one another before you have even tried to speak. Anything you despise will eventually leave your life.

The greatest gift you can ever give to another person is forgiveness. Give them permission to be wrong. When you extend that right to another, they will be incapable of continuing to offend you. Love like that is unstoppable.

Can you believe that God chose you to make up the difference for what your spouse is not? Accept him or her and find something to celebrate – right now, in the midst of all your dissatisfaction, and the good things will begin to increase as you maintain and build your gratitude and love.

Just because you don’t understand what you are going through in your life, God still has your hand. If the waters are troubled, remember that, like the man at the pool of Siloam, your healing is in the midst of those troubled waters. If you will have discernment, you will start to see that behind that trouble is an open door. God will do a great work within you as you trust Him even when you feel disorientated.

Don’t panic! The things that you are crying about now, once you have lived a little longer, you will be thanking God for them, because you will see more clearly the wisdom of the route that He is taking you to your desired end.


Courage to dream again

8-31-14 4

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (AKJV)

If you are ever wondering what God is thinking about you, this verse settles it. He is always planning a way to make you whole. If something is wrong in any area of your life, He is working to perfect everything that concerns you.

In fact, even more than that, He is working to conclude every matter according to your hope and expectation.

Concerning the thing that has been preoccupying your attention of late, what is your expectation?

If you have gotten to the point in life, where you no longer think that much good is coming your way, and you choke at the promise of God, which says that He will bless you, you are in good company. Abraham also got to that point, having waited for the promise over his life to be fulfilled for more years than his hope could stretch,

But despite the accounts of this in the book of Genesis 17, where both he and Sarah laughed at the Word God spoke to him concerning his son Isaac, Romans 4 still remembers that Abraham “staggered not at the promise of God”

So what was it that took Abraham forward from that point of unbelief and caused him to become so successful at getting results? Not only that, but something also cancelled out the memory of that unbelief, so that it wasn’t even on his record.

It says of Abraham, that against hope he believed in hope. That means that when all natural reasons to hope had been exhausted, Abraham found a source of supernatural hope that carried Him through to victory; that hope was from the Word that God gave to Him.

Abraham’s circumstances caused his natural hope to die; but in God’s economy, life always comes out of death. Death is not an end, it is another beginning. At that point the life that was in the Word that God spoke to Him, and ignited in him an unreasoned hope – a hope that was fixed on God’s ability alone. A hope that had nothing to do with Abraham’s own efforts or strength; a hope that gave him the courage to dream again and to see the end of his faith.

Every believer needs to access that same kind of hope, and they can by getting the Word on their situation and letting it paint an image of victory in their minds until their expectation lines up with that Word.

Life is designed to rob you of hope. It sends a storm that is enough to quench your natural strength and tame you to the point where you receive instructions from your circumstances about what outcomes you can expect in life.

Most people have learnt to live with misery, and they stagger at the promise of God’s goodness because the storms of life have pressured them to expect things not to work.

In fact the negative experiences of life have caused them to develop what the Word describes as, “wicked, unbelieving hearts” (Hebrews 3:12) Unbelief is not just a lack of belief – it is impossible to believe nothing. If you don’t believe what the Word says, you believe something else. If you don’t believe that God is your healer, you believe you are subject to sickness. If you don’t believe that things will work in your hands, you believe that what you attempt will fail.

I refuse to let life tame me, and you should too. Like me, you were born to set your own sail and not be driven by the winds of life. Even in the face of much trouble, we still refuse to stagger at the promise of God. Staggering affects forward motion, but those who stay steady on the Word, will be carried forward by it even in the midst of turbulence all around.

You and I weren’t sent here to determine whether or not we should be blessed. That simply isn’t our part. God has already established that, “In blessing I will bless you…” (Genesis 22:17) Even if you are already blessed, God will bring more to your house according to your ability to hope and expect it based on the Word.

You will never make it in life if you will only believe what you can see. Whatever you are facing, find out what the Word says about your situation and then let God speak to you about that Word until your fearful expectation for your outcome changes, and instead you have Bible hope. You see an end that is filled with goodness and success. It’s true that there is an evil day, but the Bible also tells us that we can have many good days.

If any9one has a right to be healed, to be anointed, to be wealthy, to be successful, to be sound, to have relationships that fill your life with peace, and to shape a generation with the Word of God it is YOU!


Without His presence, there’s no point…

Presence of God

Exodus 33:15-16

Then (Moses) said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.  For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us?

When Moses was bringing the Israelites up into the Promised Land, God was so frustrated with the people and their stiff-necked, stubborn ways, that He didn’t even want to be associated with them any more. He made an offer to Moses that they should go into the land and enjoy all the good things that God had prepared for them, but God Himself was not volunteering to go with them, in case He got so mad with them that He killed them.

Many Christians today would be very content to take God up on that offer. Just as long as they would have the things that they are believing for – the house, the car and the man!

Many are not even bothered whether or not the presence of God is in the church that they go to every week.

The question everyone is asking instead is, “Did the service meet my need?”

When sermon titles like, “How to beat stress” are so popular and common, it’s clear that the church is trying to package God to make Him appear acceptable to men, rather than lifting people to God’s level.  They try to tame God and make Him one of us, when the plan of God is to raise us up and make us just like Him.

Jesus was the Son of Man, but He was also God. He sits alone in His majesty and authority. He doesn’t need us to be who He is, but we do need Him to be who we are.

How can people prescribe what they need to be taught and where they need to get to, when they don’t even understand fully where they are right now?

Yet week by week there is an emphasis on an aesthetically pleasing church experience. It is all about looking nice and feeling nice, but there is no power.

Church has become an intellectual exercise for many; at best a glorified social club where we learn about God. But it’s one thing to know about a person and a totally different thing to experience that person.

If you can predict week by week what is going to take place in church, then your Christian experience is far too natural; when all the time you and I were born again to live from our spirit, not from our soul.

The Holy Ghost has been sent to show us things to come, but Christians still feel the need to go to palm readers and they are still as worried about the future as unbelievers.

If we are going to have Bible authenticity, we have to move away from churches that are merely giant classrooms. We have to get to the place where, like Moses, we yearn for Him, and we feel that without His presence there is simply no point trying to move on.

Of course it is vital to be well taught, but we don’t just come to church to listen to an instructor. There have to be times when the pastor gets right out of the way and the Holy Ghost takes control. There must be a part of the service where the worship isn’t coming out of the instruments, but out of the depths of our hearts. There must be room for the prophet of the house to speak to the people, not about what they think they need, but from the heart of God.

People who have a shallow church experience, and who never go far in coming to a knowledge of God Himself, are always shocked, when trouble comes, at how little power they have in their lives. All the time that things are going well, they look the same as Christians who pursue the presence and power of God, but when the evil day comes, as it inevitably does, all of a sudden they are gone. Their faith rested on the wisdom of men rather than on the power of God.

When they used to build ships out of wood, they stretched ropes around the entire ship to hold it together in a storm. These ropes were called “helps”. The reason for this was because they understood that once you get out onto the sea, you cannot be merely hoping that you will make it. You have to make the vessel with the storm in mind.

The Holy Ghost is our Helper and He is the one who makes us like the wind, never predictable and never stuck. We go through the same challenges, but we come out totally differently, because when what we say we believe is tested, we can pray and hear from God; we can speak in other tongues and see the supernatural hand of God take over as power is released in our situation.

What kind of Christianity have you got? What version have you bought? Is yours the kind that looks good, but focuses on the land of milk and honey rather than the presence of God?

If the church is to become distinguished in this generation, we have to have both the Word and the Spirit. We have to be able to paint Jesus until He leaps out of the book while we are preaching and heals someone’s legs right there in the middle of the sermon. We have to have been with Him to the point where we know Him so well that we can release Him to be God in our midst.

That’s Christianity!

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Your heart is a shelter

DRM and PSWedding vows


Matthew 19:6 What God has joined together let no man separate

As Christians we aren’t supposed to do things on a purely natural level. There should be something about your life that simply cannot be explained by your education, your talents and where you came from. That includes your marriage.

But what will that look like? How will you get the oil of God’s supernatural enabling to flow in your relationship together?

The day you make your marriage vows to one another, is a day when you become the place of safety for your marriage partner. The covenant is sealed by the giving and receiving of rings and by the utterance of vows. A new life has begun.

From that point onwards you have a right to borrow one another’s strengths, and a responsibility to steward one another’s weaknesses. Above all, your relationship becomes exclusive, and for both spouses to feel secure, this exclusivity has to have well defined boundaries that each submits to willingly

Jesus lets us know that the formula for godly marriage is that a man leaves his father and mother and becomes joined to his wife. That means that, whatever culture you live in, Kingdom culture must prevail if you want your marriage to work according to God’s pattern.

Leaving your father and mother signifies a range of things.

Firstly it means that your spouse becomes the highest priority in your life after God. Other family members now take a back seat and can no longer determine what happens in the marital home.

Sometimes parents and other family members want to live their life and fulfill their dreams through you and they will be angry when they discover that they cannot control you.

The opinions of other family members should not be given the power to mold the marriage or any aspect of the couples’ life together. This Biblical principle flies in the face of the traditions of many societies and cultures, but will create a hedge of protection around the sacred bond of marriage about which God says in Matthew 19:6 “What God has joined together let no man separate”

Secondly it means breaking ties with any previous girlfriends or boyfriends, since there must be no hint of a competing relationship,

Each partner should be freely given the right to meet all of the other spouse’s current friends. If there is a need for secrecy or awkwardness, that tells you that something isn’t right. There should be no old girlfriends still on the scene that the wife is forbidden to meet and no lingering boyfriends, who seem to be uncomfortably more than “just friends”.

Inappropriate emotional ties are as much a breach of the marriage covenant as extra marital physical relationships. You will have to stop contacting certain people, since the marriage bond is exclusive and neither party has the right to keep their options open any longer.

Honoring your spouse and by making him or her highest priority in your life, will involve the giving up of any activities and habits that would cause them to feel they must compete for that special place in your heart. This may include the husband’s passion for football or play station, or the wife’s weekly nights out with girlfriends.

That’s not to say that everything now has to be done together; but if the trust and security of the other is your highest concern, you will be able to work the logistics of these things out without a fight. Although the cost may seem unreasonable at the time, the reward of eradicating undertones of suspicion, fear and insecurity will be priceless

Similarly, when children come, they must take second place. If either spouse makes the children the focus of their attention, the marriage will start to fade. Not only that, but children are also at their most secure when they have clear boundaries and know that their parents’ marriage is strong and loving.

You may be thinking, “Surely it doesn’t take all that to make a marriage!” But sooner or later all of us will get to the place where we realize that God was right about our lives. We will continue to rise in life to the extent to which we are willing to sacrifice, and the same is true of our marriage relationship.

If we want to rise to the level of life that God has for us, there will be no short cuts. We simply have to do it His way.

This demands a decision since the essence of our godly covenant together with our spouse is to give, yet our human tendency is to want to receive all the time.

However, death reigns in the natural order, because if we take out more from any situation or relationship than we give, we will kill that thing.

Have you been killing your marriage by demanding more from your husband or wife than you are willing to release towards them?

As we choose the Kingdom way, the apparent death that we suffer in the form of sacrificing our preferences for the other, actually releases resurrection life, which then flows from Heaven into that marriage.

When character weaknesses show up, mistakes and set-backs occur, life puts the pressure on and significant events take place – all of which carry the potential to pull your marriage apart and devastate you – you will be able to walk through with your covenant intact and your lives still on track.

Now that’s supernatural!


Re-writing your story

4-6-14 3

1 Peter 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead


When we got born again, God brought us into an arena of hope that is alive.

Before we were born again, we were in the place where we had dead hope. It was no more than a longing or wishing for something we wanted to come about, but with no certainty that it ever would. But now we have switched to a new dimensions where our hope is now alive. Everything that God did to nail Jesus to the cross, He did it so that we could walk through life with hope that is alive.

Now our hope is set by what God has promised in His Word. Our hope is now an earnest expectation of seeing the goodness of God manifested in our circumstances. David wrote that he would have fainted had he not expected to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Having a strong sense of hope is vital for life. In fact it is a characteristic of human beings that without confidence that their expectations will be satisfied, they have nothing to look forward to, and even today is a sour experience.

Many people; even believers, live their lives without a happy expectation of good in their future. They know the Word, but the experiences of their lives have challenged their ability to hope in the Word. People come to a place of hopelessness because they have been forsaken before. They tried and it didn’t work.

Maybe like the Shunammite woman, in your heart you are saying to God concerning His promises, “Don’t lie to me, because if it doesn’t happen as you said, I don’t think I can handle the brokenness”

You’ve been abandoned and rejected and you’ve been alone for so long that you don’t believe that you are worth pursuing. You are tormented by the question,  “Would a man of honor give up everything just to get me?”

 Hopelessness can come as a result of being helpless. You’ve been trapped in big issues and you feel so small compared to the things you need to shift in order to go to where you feel God has called you.

Maybe you’ve been around people who all  ended up dead or on drugs; or you were raised in an environment where mediocrity and being average was the order of the day. Yet something in you makes you believe that you are a giant in the earth, but a voice inside you says, “What makes you think you are that different?”

Maybe you are hopeless because  you’ve been in a controlling environment or an abusive relationship? Maybe there are social structures that keep you hemmed in and you have found yourself forced to submit to circumstances that you know you are better than.

Maybe now that you have grown up a little and you have had time to examine your abilities and capabilities, you feel like the writing on the wall for you is that you have been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. When you look at what it will take for you to be the mother, wife, or husband that you desire, you feel like you won’t have what it takes since every example you have known up until now is that you run when it gets hard. Your father ran and your uncle ran and now you want to grow old with the wife of your youth, so that your children won’t have to reap the consequences of your error, but you are scared of entrapment. You are responsible but something in you feels so small and intimidated.

Maybe you have been given a terminal report and in natural circumstances by all accounts you should be preparing to die. How do you even begin to have a different expectation when you feel like Naaman the leper who, in his day, had no examples of anyone having been cleansed of leprosy to give him encouragement.

How do you even begin to entertain the thought that you could be different when everyone else who has been through what you’ve been through died?

How can you even begin to believe that where your marriage is, God can restore to you the love and passion, instead of concluding, based on what you’ve seen everyone else do, that this is the end for you.

Have you been in a place of physical disability or emotional emptiness, or codependency, where you have experienced such trauma that you have come to believe that there is nothing good in the world and in fact that the world is against you? You think, “What is the point of even trying because all my other attempts have left me helpless and hopeless.”

When people in the world encounter these things, they give up, but we have a different option.The Holy Ghost wants to rewrite your story. We are born again so that we can have a living hope.

 That’s what it means to be saved, because God sent Jesus to heal your broken heart; to do in you what you couldn’t do for yourself; to restore to you the time: the years that the locusts have eaten.

God can make up for a lost childhood. He can restore to you what the enemy took out of you. But if you come at God based on your natural circumstances, or you go to a church where they deal in natural hope, this is a different thing altogether. I am asking you to look outside of yourself for the source of your hope. Let your ability to dream come alive once again because it’s time to rise up and get a new vision. The challenges you have faced are working for you a far more exceeding weight of glory and you are not a victim of all that has been.

Our souls are nailed and bolted down to the Rock of Ages, and we don’t even fear bad news because Christ is within us – our hope of glory. He Himself is the foundation of our expectation.

Where did you park your life? It’s time to take it out of “park” and put it into “drive.”


Will you use a sword or a scalpel?

Love Revolution El-Shaddai

Ephesians 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the Head, even Christ. (NASB)

In every interaction that we enter into; in every attempt that we make to negotiate and reach agreement with another person, and particularly with our husband or wife, the Bible gives us a powerful plumb line for how to approach each other.

The Bible teaches us that maturity is to be achieved by the balanced use of two specific ingredients in all our communicating one with another: truth and love.

Speaking the truth

Deception and lying will undermine trust in a relationship faster than any other behavior. It is impossible to build with a person who is not committed to openness and truth-telling.

Sometimes truth telling is hindered in a relationship because one person reacts so angrily or stormily to the other’s faltering attempts to be open and honest about what they did or how they feel.

As well as being willing to tell the truth we have to commit to being able to handle the truth that the other tells, otherwise we will teach them to pretend and be superficial. Only when the truth is shared can a relationship truly progress. Any apparent strength that it appears to have prior to this is merely an illusion.

Because of this, truth is the foundation of all sound relationship. Both spouses must be ready to prefer costly truths over easy lies and secrets, in order to preserve the long term wellbeing of the marriage. A relationship where ugly truths are known has more chance of flourishing than one where things are glossed over and never spoken about.

Being honest about likes and dislikes, owning up to being hurt by the other person and being willing to confront unpleasant habits or behaviors in your spouse are all aspects of truth-telling.

Speaking in love

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Love is when you appreciate the good in someone and you communicate it to them.

When you say you love someone it means that you accept them for who they are; they don’t need to perform in order to meet your standard and to qualify for your love.

When you say you love someone it means that you have affection for them and you demonstrate that affection. You treat them with a gracious attitude.

The Bible says of Jesus in John 1:14 that He was “full of grace and truth”

Being gracious means that you choose to forgive their faults and weaknesses. You give them space and time to mature and grow. You give them permission to be wrong without passing judgment.

The truth and love combination

Truth without love is like a sword. Truth combined with love is a scalpel: it makes the tiniest incision, but it still gets the job done!

Love without truth can lead you to cover up in order to protect and shield the other in the short term from things they would be better knowing and facing in the long term. If you have only love and grace without boundaries and discipline,  it is like living in a playground with no fence around it.

If you have too much truth- telling, with no sensitivity for the feelings of the other, the atmosphere is harsh and demanding.

We need both in our lives to bring balance and security.

Living with truth means to acknowledge clearly defined standards and parameters. It brings accountability and final authority into our lives. It gives stability and safety. Man is prone to evil if he is left with no boundaries.

Love focuses on happiness and fun. Love without accountability trains a person to check out of a project or activity when it stops being fun. Yet the will of God will sometimes demand that we persevere in obedience long after the fun has stopped in order to accomplish it in full. For example, marriage is not always fun, but commitment to the other person will cause you to sit it out even when you and your spouse are working through some difficult things as you build together.

Godly standards, tempered with grace and forgiveness, will create an atmosphere for growth. God will see to it that your relationship develops and matures as you balance these powerful ingredients.


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