The power of what you say to yourself in the mirror

London Platform
Hebrews 10:35

Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward.

Do you have a clear idea how to engage with the God of the Bible?

So many believers are trying to access Him with their heads; but in fact the part of you that is designed to engage with God is your heart.

If you stay in a superficial place with God, life is unsatisfying and frustrating. You live on a natural plane when you know that the supernatural realm is available to you. It is as though you are fishing in the bathtub and catching nothing, when you could come over to the lake and discover a whole new world of fish!

Just as the digestive system is designed to process the food we put into our mouths in order to extract the life and the energy out of it, so your heart is designed to process God’s Word and get the life that is contained within the seed of the Word out into your life. Whatever the Word says, you can experience it if you will allow your heart to engage with it.

The devil knows this and that is why he attempts to paralyze and cripple the human heart with all kinds of trouble.

He will take you to the place where you more readily believe “Murphy’s Law”, which states that “Everything that could go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time’, than the promises of God’s goodness in the Word. Someone else can preach the Word to you, but until you have the confidence to say it about yourself, you cannot access your reward. You are too focused on the fear of a negative outcome.

So why are we so vulnerable to failing confidence?

1 John 3:21 gives us insight: ‘Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God.’

Feeling disqualified and outside of God’s favor causes our hearts to condemn us. The awareness of not being good enough because of failures, mistakes, repeated wrong actions and choices, together with the memory of past sin – all this makes us put our faith in park.

How you see yourself is as crucial in life as how you see God, because you will always behave in a manner consistent with how you see yourself. If you have an innate sense that others have more of a right to be alive and to enjoy life; to live in a mansion and to drive good, look good and live good than you have, condemnation is robbing your heart of confidence before God.

How is your relationship with your heart?

The Word of God says that there is a portion with your name on it and that goodness is stored up for you. You have to go to that job interview knowing that the job is yours. You have to stop complaining that no one will ever want you, and be able to look in the mirror and say, ” I am wonderfully made, so someone is going to want this! I am awesome and I am worth pursuing.”

If your preacher is bent on explaining to you why you lost what you lost, and why you can’t have what you want, you are hearing Old Covenant teaching.

It’s time to take your life out of park and fulfill the will of God for your life. Renewed confidence and acceptance of the Word of God, in the knowledge of the grace of God, will release your reward.

Today, in the name of Jesus, whatever it is that you have been facing; whatever it is that has been too strong for you; wherever you parked in life; every challenge that brought you to a standstill and everywhere that your progress has been hampered and hindered, I speak the spirit of grace over your life.

May God lift you to higher ground, deliver you from things that are too strong for you and enable you to overcome challenges that you couldn’t shift by yourself. His power is perfected in your weakness. Now rest in that power since no flesh will glory in His presence. Jesus Christ of Nazareth makes you whole.





When life leaves you wounded

Grand Opening

Romans 10:10

For with the heart one believes unto righteousness…

Have you ever wondered why trouble comes to break your heart? Have you ever noticed that so many people experience trauma even in the early years of their childhood that causes their heart to be wounded and injured?

It’s not just a coincidence. It’s the plan of the enemy to cripple the part of you that has the power to believe God.

The parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4 calls our hearts soil and refers to the Word of God as seed.

We have been so conditioned in church to think of money whenever seed is mentioned, but the primary type of seed, more important than any other,  is the Word of God.

When the seed is sown, and the Word of God is released in the Earth, God is aiming it at the human heart. If a person can receive the Word into their heart and accept it, they can  see that Word producing a harvest of tangible results in their life. Things will change in and around them. The Word of God will start to be manifested in every area of their lives.

No wonder the enemy wants to stop that from happening. He knows the power that is contained within the Word to bring itself to pass any time that it is received and incubated in a believing heart.

This is a word planet. The dynamic reaction of the human heart to the words that a person receives, is so powerful that it will ultimately frame their life and determine their future.

We can literally control our own destiny by the words that we will absorb and then speak every day.

Your life right now is a result of the words you have believed. If you don’t like your life, don’t try and change what you do; change what you believe, by changing the words you hear and absorb into your heart.

 The highest and most empowering word we could live under is God’s Word. Don’t debate it, just place yourself under the preached Word of God as often as you can.

The Word of God will heal your broken heart.  You won’t need antidepressants and self help groups. The Word will replace your pain and disappointment with confidence in the love and goodness of God.

 Don’t settle for an average life by treating the Word of God casually. You are filled with so much potential – all you need is to hear words that will release it. Do you even know what is lying dormant in you that hasn’t been spoken to yet?

Trying to be “normal” and fit in, will cost you your uniqueness. Decide right now: I am a Word person. Word people are my people. The Word of God is my passion. I am good ground for the Word of God and it yields 100 fold return in my life!

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Is my family suffering under a generational curse?

Generational Curse 2

Numbers 14:18

‘The Lord is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation.’

Does this scripture spell doom to you?

Are you among the large number of believers spending hours praying, fasting, sending offerings and seeking out a ministry anointed enough to pray the prayer of deliverance that will end the patterns of failure and struggle that seem to haunt your family?

If so, you need to know that this verse is not the final word on your situation; there is fresh news available to help you.

Let’s define our terms.

A curse is a judgment – an inevitability of punishment that brings a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. It is something that is beyond our control.

Under the Old Covenant, the people were presented the law as a measure of God’s holy standards, but there was no power supplied to keep it.  Failure and mistakes were inevitable. The wrath of God for sin was only atoned for by the blood of animals, presented once a year by the priest on behalf of the people.

Under this system there was mercy for sin, but the full price for sin had not yet been paid. The people lived with an awareness of the closeness of the judgment of God for sin. Sometimes judgment broke out in the camp and thousands died.

The reason for this was that the punishment and judgment for sin is far greater than the sacrifice offered. One vivid picture of this was when Elijah built an altar to the Lord on Mount Carmel, and when the fire fell from Heaven, it consumed not only the sacrifice, but the water, stones and dust around it too. (2 Kings 18)

In his amazing holiness, God’s hatred of sin is so great that the person who sinned could not live long enough to pay the penalty for his mistakes, and therefore the judgment was passed down from generation to generation. This wasn’t  because God was particularly cruel and harsh, but because He could not deny Himself, or the force of His own goodness.

But God was not happy with this arrangement, but since He could not just change His mind and become soft on sin, He decided to carry the penalty Himself, to allow us to be forever free of the curse of judgment for sin.

God made a covenant agreement with His Son, Jesus, who despite His human reluctance to face something so huge, yielded to the cross where He poured out His own blood and offered it as a payment once and for all for the sin of mankind.

Although Jesus sought another way for the deal to be done, there was no other way, because His sinless blood was the only substance able to reach back into the depths of history and stretch right out into the future and cleanse all of humanity of every sin and failure to meet God’s perfect standard.

When that lonely figure hung on the cross, He was drinking the full cup of God’s wrath; and after He had absorbed every drop of God’s judgment for sin, He cried out “It is finished!”

Although He had taken every last bit of punishment upon Himself, He was still alive. No help was needed at that moment, signifying that no one else ever need to carry any part of it. Jesus was an overpayment for the sin of mankind. Only then did He yield up His life; His assignment was completed.

No more would the fathers eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth be set on edge. Jesus even cried out, “I thirst!” and drank the vinegar, as a direct sign that there is no more sourness left for humanity to bear as a result of judgment.

So if this is the case, why do we experience lingering problems in our families?

It is because of mindsets, attitudes and strongly held traditions and beliefs, passed down from parents to children, that prevent us from laying hold of our new freedom, simply because we have not understood how it can be possible. Simply put, we have believed in the strength of the curse over the power of the blood.

The blessing of God is received by faith in what the blood of Jesus has accomplished for us. Change your mind right now to embrace the fact that Jesus has done it all by His blood. No additional sacrifice is needed. Only believe.

If you will update your facts, and stop operating on the basis of the Old Covenant, which has now been done away with, you will be able to grasp hold of that unbelievable favor that the blood has now released for you. That is all you need to take care of everything.

This is the start of a new season for you. You will not be duped into tolerating the curse any longer. Declare with me: the blood of Jesus has redeemed me from sickness, from character weakness, from addictions, from poverty and failure. I reject the notion of a generational curse because Jesus is an overpayment for every sin ever committed by my ancestors. Whatever went before, I declare that I am a barrier breaker, and I receive the fullness of ALL that He has for me, RIGHT NOW!

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The malady of mankind is disconnectedness

crowd moving

The root of so many of the issues that arise in life is a lack of connectedness. Isolation; aloneness and a feeling of disconnect from others.

Back at the very beginning, mankind became disconnected with their maker, and at the same time, lost the ability to relate rightly and harmoniously with one another.

Nevertheless, the hunger for connection with others in meaningful relationship remains big on the inside of all of us.

In the midst of this dilemma, God has reached out to take the vital step to heal that gap. He has decided to love us whatever we do. He invested His whole self in us, without any guarantee of a return on that investment.

Romans 5:8 tells us that, ” God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

In this, God went first; choosing to never be offended with any of us; and like Him we are now empowered to be generous and extravagant with our love, so that we, too can be part of the solution.

The truth is, that while we all still have needs, until we see ourselves as contributors in life, we will never mature. It is in giving that we will be able to receive that which we need also.

As you come up against the lives of others, what deposit do you leave with them? For myself I have decided that everyone I have to do with is going to be better off because they came into contact with my life.

Offense is simply too expensive to play around with. Meanness is not in your renewed nature. Walls of hostility may work in keeping out hurt associated with failed attempts to love and be loved; but they also keep out future possibilities of ever finding relationships that are a blessing.

That’s why at El-Shaddai we know we are caught in the midst of a love revolution. Whatever people do, we commit to still loving them. no person is simply expendable if we don’t like them! We know that each and every person is significant to the plan of God. Why else would He entrust us with the ministry of reconciliation? The most precious commodity is people, not principles, and for that reason we have declared that this is an offense-free zone.

And then, when we believe we have found that special someone, with whom we can start to build a relationship of a more intimate nature, we don’t invest too much too soon, because we know that is the fastest way to get in a mess.

However when we come to the point of commitment in a relationship, and we get married, we give it all.

As men we don’t play games and give ourselves the luxury of “commitment issues.” Really what that means is that we want to reserve the right to have a different woman every month, because we think that will fulfill our manhood. But Jesus was the ultimate man, and He gave Himself fully, once and for all. If you want to be maximized in your manhood, pour your life out for the woman of your choice, without holding back.

Ladies, don’t hold out on your man. Be available to him and satisfy his needs. Allow him to connect with you and don’t force him to treat you like a prostitute, making him pay you with favors to get you to sleep with him. Your physical relationship has a profoundly spiritual side and you will be amazed at how secure you feel with your man once you yield in order to connect.


Are you waiting for Mr Right?

Pastors With the kids

Genesis 2:21-22

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place.  Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.

Do you feel like you are having to endure a life that has been handed to you? Do circumstances weigh heavily on you, with no hope of change? Are you looking in vain for someone to help you and lift you up?

When Adam was faced with the profound challenge of his aloneness and he was looking to go to another level in his experience of life, he looked at all the created order around him, but there was nothing suitable to help him.

After he had satisfied himself that he had run out of options, God put Adam to sleep and took a rib out of him in order to make the woman.

This was unlike any of the methods God had used to create up until now. Why did He do it that way this time?

God was showing Adam, that everything he would need to go to the next level would come from him.  He would never be stranded because when God placed him on the planet, he came pre-loaded with answers on the inside.

If you’re still crying because someone didn’t want to hire you, affirm your worth,  or give you permission to succeed, you haven’t understood the seed of possibility that lies on the inside of you. Your success is on the inside of you; your money is on the inside of you; your wife or husband is on the inside of you

The reason that you haven’t recognized it, is probably this: a seed doesn’t look like much at the start.

Maybe you are still waiting for someone to discover you, or to raise you up, or for the day when Mr Right walks through the door. Don’t wait any longer. The fact that you are reaching for something tells you that it is possible for you. Stop sitting in the little chair that life has assigned you, and start to create your own greatness right now!

Even if what is lying dormant on the inside of you looks unpromising, it is all that is required. Even if the man who is in your field of vision right now doesn’t look as sophisticated as you would like him to be, don’t write him off. Nothing from God comes in its ready-made form.

Jesus didn’t have much to work with when he took the two piece fish dinner to feed 20,000 people. The hallmark of the anointing is the ability to create something significant with virtually nothing.

Like Abraham we are expected to call those things that are not, as though they were. When we are facing challenging finances, rebellious children and failing health, the situation will become whatever we call it.

We also have to clear the land of our lives of every unhelpful and counterproductive habit and behavior.

The half tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim were disgruntled with Joshua when the time came to occupy their allotted land because, even though they were large in number, they only had a small piece of land given to them.

Joshua answered them in chapter 17:15, “If you are a great people, then go up to the forest country and clear a place for yourself there in the land of the Perizzites and the giants, since the mountains of Ephraim are too confined for you”

While it is human nature to want someone else to facilitate our greatness, or to hand us what we want on a plate, God’s way is for us to make it happen for ourselves! He is confident that we can pull it out from the inside, but we are going to have to put some work in to be consistent, to apply ourselves to the Word and to becoming excellent in our skills; as well as to become tenacious at working on our character issues such as a volatile temper, bad language,  impatience or  egotistical insecurity.

This is how we clear the forest for ourselves and make room for ourselves and our dreams. Although we have to abandon a quick fix mindset, we can also be encouraged that today is not a day when we are just waiting, but it is a day when we are doing something powerful in progressing the process of manifestation.

Stop looking externally for sponsorship in life. God’s way is for you to make your own way prosperous. (Joshua 1:8)

In fact there are two things in life that are absolutely indispensable: a clear vision – to know where you are going and what you want – and an indomitable spirit, which refuses to worry about what it looks like right now, because the seed of possibility is on the inside.

With these things, you can make it. God is the one who has already empowered you to go to the place of your dreams!


When life seems meaningless


Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose

Life is messy and often seems meaningless. Even as believers we can lose hope that our lives will ever amount to much.

 Yet we have this astonishing Word given to us in the book of Romans, that God will tie everything together and turn even the mistakes and traumatic events we have gone through for our good.

This is not a throwaway promise however; the only way everything in your life will work for good is if you synch up with the purpose of God for your life.

God has a plan to use your life for His glory. As you place your life in His hands, take on board the fact that God is not only Lord of our lives, but He is also our master. That means He has the right to use our lives as He wills, to guide, direct, assign and command our steps according to His plan.

This seems frightening, until we realize that His purpose is redemption, salvation and blessing. That is the purpose that we are being drawn into as believers.

God’s burden is this purpose. He is moved with the determination to bring about the Kingdom of God on the Earth, and to bring everything under one head - Jesus Christ.

 Until you understand that, you will never understand God. Additionally you may always be frustrated with the people He chooses to work with, since He is the master builder and it is by His design and workmanship that it will be accomplished, rather than by human ingenuity, that no flesh may glory in His presence.

Whereas you or I might tend to look for the best and most perfect people, to ensure a clean operation, God’s election is entirely different.

Judah and Tamar, father in law and daughter in law, had an immoral relationship, but they were still the ancestors of Jesus Christ – the highest honor in Jewish culture.

Religious men crucified Jesus, thinking that their evil plan was prevailing, but all the time they were releasing Him into His destiny

Jonah, defiant and rebellious against God’s dealings with him, was cited by Jesus as having been a prophetic sign of His entire ministry and purpose on the Earth. After Jesus revealed His purpose, you can be sure that all the people who dismissed Jonah’s life and ministry as second rate, now suddenly wanted to hold a place as significant as Jonah’s!.

Joseph, betrayed and mistreated by his brothers and sold into slavery, made the most astonishing statement to those same brothers after the death of his father, Jacob: “You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

We have to gain a perspective which allows us to see that the very things that we counted as being set backs, hurtful betrayals, mistakes and losses, will all be used by God to bring us to the place of His calling.

The key is this: When God looks at you and me, He has the salvation of many THROUGH US on His mind.

When we can understand that our lives are to be poured out for the purposes of God, not neatly packaged for our own glory, we will come to a place of peace with our journey. God has such amazing goodness in store for us.

When they asked Jesus why the man was born blind, He showed them that it was so that the glory of God would be revealed in his public healing. Although God allowed the man to be born blind, He never intended for him to die blind. His plan was to use the man’s predicament for a greater purpose.

If you look at your life based on what is happening to you, you will merely be in pain. But if you can see that God had the salvation of many in His mind, you will be able to make sense of your life.

Please stop crying about the evil that was done to you. You don’t know yet about what God was doing behind the scenes. Put your life in the context of the purpose of God.

Don’t only see the people who lied on you and tried to destroy you; ask, “Who can You heal with my brokenness? Who have You sent me to?”

If you have been through things, you will be able to minster to people and help them. You won’t just be prescribing solutions from an armchair. The anointing will come on you to heal someone else because you can sit where they sit.

If your pain isn’t bringing you to your next level of blessing, maybe it is because you are staying bitter and just talking about what you lost. You are so preoccupied with what they took from you, that you don’t think about what God will bring to you. God won’t let the devil have the last word in his people’s life. What the devil meant for evil, God turns it for good.

Talk to God right now: Lord you are my master; my life belongs to you. I trust you to make sense of my life and to fulfil your purpose for me. In every pain I have gone through, I cease to judge it in a natural light. I release it to you, and believe that you are able to turn it around for your glory and for the salvation of many, and I receive your anointing right now to go to the next level in my life with you. Thank you, Lord!


Are you ready for a relationship?

DRM and PS Valentines

Matthew 19:5

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh

 The majority of single people would like to find someone to share their life with; a special someone who will be exclusively theirs.

If this is the case, and this is what you are asking God to do in your life, you might as well be prepared for the realities of marriage; since it is a principle in life that whatever goal you move towards will start to move towards you.

First of all assess yourself and your own behavior and attitudes to see how ready you are to steward the life of another person in marriage. The fact is that after the glamour of the wedding, daily life and the process of two individuals becoming one, will be the greatest character development program you have ever undertaken. The more preparation you can make ahead of time to become a mature single person, the better your marriage will be when the time comes.

The problem with the process of maturing, is that it is hard to recognize your own immaturity. Be bold and ask yourself some penetrating questions to assess where it is at with you:

Does everything always have to be about you and your issues?

Are you insensitive to the needs of others? Especially those you are close to?

Do you demand your own way in everything?

Can you be reasoned with? Do you recognize an authority higher than yourself to which you are willing to submit?

Do you get upset when you are held accountable for your actions? Can you take responsibility for the consequences of what you did without sloping off and blaming someone else?

When you marry, life is no longer going to be about just you but about both of you together. You can no longer be the center of attention all the time. Together you start to build a common life, built on a  common vision and purpose. Life is a burden without a purpose and marriage is too, so find someone who loves the purpose of God as much as you do and outwork your purpose together. You will become greater together than either of you could be alone.

A successful marriage is built on a commitment to meet the needs of another rather than to get your own needs met. When you decide to marry, you make a decision to value another person self-sacrificially, with a realistic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

So many marriages flounder when one spouse discovers the weakness of the other, since it some how hadn’t dawned on them up to that point that they had actually married a human being! This is where the honeymoon ends and the true marriage begins. How do you handle these challenges?

In marriage, both spouses should be able to be naked and unashamed. That means that both can reveal their fault without fear of rejection and judgment by the other. Be ready to become the healing that your spouse needs for their weakness, and the place of safety that they require to experience unconditional acceptance by another human being. There is tremendous redemptive power in this kind of love, and you literally become God’s vehicle for the restoration of another human soul.

In the world’s economy weakness means shame. In God’s economy, stewarding the weakness of another is a sacred trust and a unique privilege. However, if one spouse refuses to cover and protect the other from shame, but instead exposes them and rejects them, violating their trust, a tremendous hurt is caused. Naturally speaking that is the end of the marriage covenant; yet with God all things are possible, and if you can draw on God for the strength to hold on, there is still hope for the restoration of your relationship at His hands.

Are you ready to embark on this kind of journey with another person? Are you ready to invest to that degree in the life of another?

This is the commitment of marriage. Embrace it with your whole heart and it will be the most fulfilling adventure that you could ever experience.


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