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Will trouble take you out or take you up?

DRM leading worship

Psalm 48:1

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised

When you get into trouble of any kind, the devil will tell you to start complaining. Before you know it, you have a complex: “They never hire people like me.” or “I’m just not young enough to be noticed by a man.”

If you’re not careful, the chip on your shoulder concerning that thing, will become the very reason why it won’t work for you as you wish it would.

It’s a trap! And without realizing it, you walked straight into it.

But don’t panic – there’s a way out.

You’ve got to start thinking of  your life from a different angle. You have to start realizing, “I may not have everything I want, but I am still in the game. To the living there is hope, and God woke me up this morning. He has been good to me! I may have lost some things in life, but I didn’t lose everything. I am blessed!”

You see, there is something about a person who is willing to praise God in the midst of their trouble… They won’t stay in that trouble too long. God always brings praisers out, because He cannot pass over a person who is willing to lift up his voice and honor Him with songs, or shouts of praise.

The fact is, that God is great! He is a great King and He is far above your problem. He isn’t trapped when you’re trapped, and He isn’t sitting in the little chair that you sit in right now. He is mighty and awesome and there is a river of life that flows from His throne.

You may be entirely comfortable when honoring your favorite sports team with a shout when they score, or when applauding a music artist or band with enthusiastic handclapping at a concert; but if you were in trouble, would they come to your aid?

God’s character and ability surpasses that of any human being, however amazing they may be. His nature is ALWAYS to do you good and give you the advantage. He isn’t like anyone else you have ever dealt with. More than anyone or anything else in your life, He is completely WORTHY of your applause, admiration, appreciation and loud approval!

Can you discern His hand in your present situation? He is the one who has kept you, preserved you, helped you, healed you, comforted you and lifted you up. He is the one who speaks tenderly to you about a future and a hope for MANY good days ahead.

Even when the shadow over your life seems too strong even to sense His presence, or to tell what He is doing, if you will decide to lift up your voice and make His praises to be heard, the shadow will have no hold on you. Just like Paul and Silas in the inner dungeon at midnight, deep in trouble and without any discernable sign of relief, the very foundation of the trouble that binds you will be shaken. and the doors of your prison will burst open.

In fact, if you will cast the care of what you are going through onto God, refuse to let the weight of it sit on your spirit, and make praising God your focus, you will have a Jehoshaphat experience.

Jehoshaphat sent the praise team ahead of the army that defended his people.

If you will send forth your praise, even before you call on your natural resources for victory, such as your intelligence, your money and the people you think might help you; you will find out that God is ready to fight your battles for you.

The Lord set an ambush among Jehoshaphat’s enemies and in their confusion they fought one another until they were defeated.

Don’t try to get delivered based on your own righteousness or on your own strength. Show up for the fight – send the application for that job, ask for that favor, but expect God to illumine the path ahead and settle the matter for you, once and for all.

The fact is that your life is not only about yourself. The real conflict in this world is the devil trying to beat up on God by getting to His kids. Let God defeat your enemy, all the while using him to get provisions to you, just like He did for Jehoshaphat.

Every fight can go one of two ways: it can take you out or it can take you up; it can be a crisis or an opportunity. Can you imagine that every lie that they told about you, God can flip it over and use it for your blessing?

Can you imagine that God would even use your trouble to bring something big to pass in the arena of His purposes? And that you will gather the spoils of war to such an extent that your recompense is way beyond what you deserve?

All of these things are accessible to the one who will praise God with wholehearted abandon – like King David who praised so hard that He embarrassed himself.

If you are going to praise, do it with passion. Lift up your arms and dance while you still can. Do something out of character to express to your God that He is worth it. Let your shout be heard and your joy be displayed. Let there be a sense of celebration at your house – Yes! Right in the midst of your pain – so that someone lese will even want the same joy that you have.

Whoever said that the appropriate response to trouble was to cry? Rejoice in the one who gives you glorious victory, and then stand back and WATCH what He will do!


Don’t try and force it!

opening a closed door         Revelation 3:7

These are the words of the Holy One, the True One, He Who has the key of David, Who opens and no one shall shut, Who shuts and no one shall open. I know your [record of] works and what you are doing. See! I have set before you a door wide open which no one is able to shut (Amplified)

As a twenty two year old, God called me to the ministry with this scripture. The amazing thing is that I am still unpacking it and coming to a profound understanding of what God said to me all those years ago!

I am always bemused by people who supposedly “hear’ God speak a directional word to them every week – one Word from God will take a life-time to fulfill.

These are some of the exciting things that God has been revealing to me concerning this one pivotal Word in my life.

The Key of David is the key of power and dominion. In fact it is even greater than dominion; it is the anointing of conquest – the power and ability to win EVERY TIME! When David went to war, He never lost a battle! What was his secret, or his key? It was the attitude of praise and worship that characterized David’s life.

For David, worship wasn’t an event, it was a daily preoccupation. In Psalm 34 it was David who wrote, “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth!”

But it wasn’t merely a godly lifestyle, it was THE KEY to His life of victory and conquest over every adversary.

Let’s look at the next part of the verse however: The Key of David is ‘in Jesus’ hands, and it will open some doors once and for all, Other doors will be shut by that same key.

Not every closed door in your life is the devil. God, in His mercy, closes some doors in our faces because they are the wrong doors!

God has a strategy for your blessing, and a path for your maximum effectiveness in His purposes. But living is a challenging experience in that we don’t really know what we are doing, although we are so SURE that we know exactly what we are doing!

Check out Paul’s experience:

In Acts chapter 16, verses 6-10, we read that the Holy Spirit forbade Paul from preaching the Word in certain cities, but then directed him to Macedonia, where a move of God broke out and he was bale ot turn the whole world upside down!

How astonishing! Preaching the Word is always good, but God had a detailed plan for how and where to preach for the greatest impact. If they had concluded that it was the devil trying to stop them from preaching the Word in those cities, they would have missed the divine strategy for their greatest fruitfulness.

Good things in your life can sometimes be the greatest enemy of the best. Some people never reach their full capacity in the Kingdom of God, because they spend their lives opening the door that wasn’t their intended one. They have church all right, but God was never in it. They spend their lives pleasing someone else rather than listening to the to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and following the unfolding call of God on their lives.

Every one of us chooses stuff that we think is exciting and right, but which becomes our undoing. I am so grateful to God that He closed some doors for me and didn’t permit me to take certain opportunities.

Can it be that the relationship that you are trying to force to work right now, is actually not the right one at all? Let God close the door. Everything that God is in the midst of will have an unforced rhythm. There will be a sense that it is right. If you find yourself getting defensive and intense about something, it is a sure sign that you are trying to protect your right to go the wrong way!

Can it be that the very things that you rare crying about today, because they don’t seem to be working out as you wanted, are the very things that God is using to set you on the path to your open door of blessing?

One open door can cancel out the affects of ten closed doors that you previously tried to force open even though God was not in it.

The amazing thing  is this: a door that was shut for you, will be the right door for someone else. There may be nothing wrong with the door at all, it just wasn’t’ your door! Don’t panic: God will never mismanage your life. As you give yourself to Him in in trust and in worship, He will lead you into victory and after victory, blessing after blessing.



How to make your husband or wife crazy about you


Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to his own interests, but also to the interest of others. (NIV)

In all your attempts to win and maintain the exclusive loyalty of a man or woman, have you ever considered that your greatest power is the ability to demonstrate an irresistible, God kind of love? It’s simple – you look to the interests of another over your own. Fun for you means making life good for the significant other in your life.

This kind of lifestyle flies in the face of humanistic individualism, and the belief that you should fight for your own advantage first in everything.

Where individualism is the foundation of a marriage, the relationship will be contractual. In this environment you don’t yield to the preferences or desires of the other, but you insist that your own needs are met before you will give an inch.

Contractual marriages are cold and distant and are rooted in fear of being taken advantage of by the other. The root cause is an orphan spirit, or the fear of being left destitute.

A covenantal marriage, built on the desire to give the other the first advantage, is only possible when both parties believe the love that God has for them.

As an individual, you have to know without a doubt that God has your back, and that even if you are mistreated, God Himself will stand up for you, because He is your shield and your recompense.

If you will put the needs of your husband or wife before your own, you will light a fire of passion in them for you. It is hard not to be crazy about someone who is so intent on making life good for you!

Every person has their unique list of needs and preferences. You are going to have to study your spouse to really understand what does it for him or her. There is absolutely no point trying to force what is important to you on them, and trying to convince them to be happy with it. This just won’t work!

Here are some things that will help you to identify where to start. Don’t delay!

The nature of a man

  • A man is designed by God to be the driving force of a marriage. He carries the primary responsibility for the direction of the couples’ shared life together.
  • A man needs a strong sense of self worth and confidence in order to lead and yet is prone to terrible insecurities and self doubts. He needs a woman to admire him, build him up and believe in him to maintain a sense of wellbeing. He needs to feel good about the woman standing beside him, and to know that she is 100% for him in spite of his weaknesses.
  • A man would rather be shown respect than affection. He needs to feel that he is significant, valued and important to his wife and family. If he doesn’t feel this he will opt out of the family environment at every opportunity.
  • A man finds it very hard to admit he is wrong and takes failure hard. He needs to know that his wife believes he is up to the challenge of stepping out in life or he will be inclined to play safe and stay in his comfort zone. He doesn’t need to be reminded of his mistakes. He may not seem to be, but he is very aware of them.
  • A man has the potential to be a king or a fool. His wife’s wisdom, love and respect will bring the king out of him and cause the foolish tendencies to diminish and disappear.
  • A man is always afraid that one day people will find out that he is not as good as he appears to be. The comforting backing of an affirming wife makes all the difference to him.


The nature of a woman

  • A woman was created to be a helper. She is anointed to bring out whatever help is required at any given time. However, if her husband is not really doing anything that needs her help, she will become frustrated. She is much happier when her man takes the lead and calls on her skills.
  • A woman wants to know, “Am I worth pursuing?” and “Can I hold his attention for the whole of our lives?” She often feels insecure in marriage since a man usually becomes less intense about this after the wedding than when he was dating her. The man must give her consistency in his loving. Her challenge is to continue to give him something to pursue by continually appreciating and developing herself. This will keep the sense of romance fresh.
  • A woman is an incubator. She receives, develops and multiplies whatever she is given. She will turn a man into a king. A wise man will run things past her first and let her incubate the ideas. She will be the wind beneath his wings and the one who completes what he has begun.
  • A woman approaches life from an experiential perspective. Men go through life not feeling a great deal, but she is emotional. Women appreciate things in life that men miss. A man needs his wife’s emotional ability and her intuition to bring colour and life to his otherwise more limited experience of life.
  • A woman who is maximised in her strength is often intimidating to a man. She will be intelligent, intuitive, good looking, deep, articulate, forward thinking, educated, gifted, and anointed and it will take a confident man to handle her. However she isn’t there to compete but rather to compliment the man to whom she is married.



Your dreams are the key to your future

9-3-14 14

Genesis 13:14-15

The Lord said to Abram after Lot had left him, Lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward;  For all the land which you see I will give to you and to your posterity forever.

When Abraham was going through his faith challenge to receive a son via God’s promise, God’s dealings with him took him the full distance to his manifestation.

At this point in his journey we see God doing two significant things in Abraham’s life: He separated him from Lot and gave Him a new vision.

Are you getting ready to go to the next level?

If you are moving forward, certain things and certain people will drop off. You might be crying right now because you were fired from your last job, but maybe you needed to be fired because that little company wasn’t going anywhere and you had to have more room. You felt the prompting to leave, but you chose security and you wouldn’t take the step. Be careful not to choose security over opportunity in case you end up with neither.

If you are growing too big for your current environment, it’s time to get some new friends. Your current friends are talking all about what they don’t have and what is not working. You aren’t ready to fulfil your calling if you aren’t ready to separate in order to make progress. There are certain things you simply can’t see while you are hanging around the wrong crowd.

 Abraham was caught up in conflict with Lot, and eventually the two separated. Immediately afterward, God told him to lift up his eyes; stop focusing on what he had been going through and receive a new vision. He was ready to see something he hadn’t seen before to go further than he’s ever been before. Like Abraham your answer is not in the valley, so stop talking about what is challenging you. It’s time to lift up your eyes.

What are you looking at right now?

God spoke an amazing thing to Abraham in this verse. He told him that as far as his eyes could see, that was how much land had been given to him and his descendants forever.

What an earth shattering statement!

The meant that it wasn’t a predetermined amount of land; nor did it’s boundaries depend on what battles he would have to face to possess it; but the only thing that could limit the inheritance that Abraham was able to receive, was his ability to see it before he dwelt in it.

Your life will go as far as you can see that it could. Whatever is impossible to you in your mind, that is where the boundary for your life is drawn.

People don’t want to let themselves dream, because they are afraid of disappointment; but that is the world’s way of thinking. When the men of the time were planning to build the Tower of Babel, God himself said that there was nothing that could restrain men from building something when they had a clear and focused blueprint.

Your life has to be built in the realm of visions and dreams before anything can be built in the natural plane.  This is just like a house – it is built first of all on paper by an architect, before you see anything materializing at the building site. Once you can see what you believe on the inside, it is only a matter of time before you will see it on the outside. In fact, your life right now is the result of what you saw yesterday.

Wherever you are today, what is it that you desire? What can you imagine for your future? Maybe you can’t imagine yourself living in a mansion. Well don’t worry about it, because if you can’t imagine it, you never will. But if you will dare to set your sights on something beyond the statistical norms for your demographic and level of schooling, you can break out of what people around you would expect for you.

Maybe, like Abraham, you have been hampered by the presence of someone in your life who keeps you thinking small – on the inside you have the desire to be great, but you have never allowed the image to form in your heart. Maybe you are a bold entrepreneur trapped in a little, dead end company, and you need to lift up your eyes and see great possibilities. What you see now is only a stopping point along the way to your wealthy place.

The worst thing you can do in life, is fail to believe God for anything – to fail to dream or to desire anything from Him. To fail to imagine that anything can ever be better than the set of circumstances you see before you now.

What images are paying in your mind? What do you see for your future? Your family? Your career? Your influence? Your health? Your house(s)? If you don’t see yourself as enough, you will always be less than. If you don’t believe you are deserving, you will be shocked when anything good happens to you.

I refuse to take instruction from my circumstances, and instead I let myself dream HUGE dreams about the many good days that God promises in His Word to the believer. Every day I declare that the whole world has been set up to promote the accomplishment of my purpose. Everything is aligning itself right now to make sure that we fulfil our destiny.

How about you?


Becoming unstoppable in relationships


Have you ever wondered why the strength of your feelings of love wane after you get married?

Before you were married, you couldn’t wait to be together, but as time goes on you find it harder to keep that sparkle in your relationship. When kids come, they can become the focus and you may not even notice that your time alone with your husband or wife has dwindled to almost nothing.

However much you are in love at the start of it all, as the years pass, you can end up concluding that it was all a mistake, and before you realize it you feel trapped.

The truth is that human love will come up short in life. It will be insufficient to take you the distance in any relationship. If you are relying on your infatuation to last, you will be disappointed for sure. Infatuation literally means, “to be infected with folly.” Or in plain terms, you have taken “stupid pill” However infatuated with a person you have been in the past, infatuation is not equipped to take you where you need to go in your marriage.

In fact, all the stuff you read online about dating will be useless now that you are married, since the world’s model for relationship is manipulation – two people using each other for to get their own needs met; but the Kingdom way is selflessness. We operate in relationships by giving the advantage. It is a huge shift in mindset and behavior.

The Kingdom way is scary at first; to live selflessly – more concerned about the other person’s hurts and problems than your own – seems incredibly risky. The fear that they will take advantage of you is real. But the more you get into it, trusting God every step of the way, the more you will found out that God’s plan works. If you have not lived long enough yet to discover that God is right, let me invite you to live a little longer and keep watching to see. The times that I thought He was wrong and I wanted to show Him the way more perfectly, I later discovered that His way had been the best all along. That is why I am now at a place where I don’t have to understand Him in order to obey.

Marriage is the opportunity to give up what you are as an independent individual, so that you can become something greater together. If you have no vision of what you can be together, you will feel that it is an unfair exchange, but if you can see that two are better than one, you will be able to say to God, “Enlarge my heart, Lord. Help me and put some of your love into my heart, because I have run out of my own.”

God chose you to be the steward of your husband’s or wife’s idiosyncrasies, and to still love them all the same. It takes a decision to see the fullness of another’s humanity and to still choose to respect them.

Do not be confused: when you get married, your husband or wife becomes your greatest assignment. If you love your wife with everything that you are, gentlemen, you won’t need to worry about your kids having the right perspective on women when it comes to their turn to date.

In fact the greatest thing that a father can do for his kids is to love his wife wholeheartedly and selflessly. The greatest thing that a mother can do for her kids, is to respect and honor her husband with the utmost affection.

Don’t make it your life’s assignment to change your spouse. It is futile since you can’t even change yourself, let alone someone else. That makes it the saddest calling in life. Not only that, but if you are secretly criticizing her in your thoughts, she will be distant, and you will be estranged from one another before you have even tried to speak. Anything you despise will eventually leave your life.

The greatest gift you can ever give to another person is forgiveness. Give them permission to be wrong. When you extend that right to another, they will be incapable of continuing to offend you. Love like that is unstoppable.

Can you believe that God chose you to make up the difference for what your spouse is not? Accept him or her and find something to celebrate – right now, in the midst of all your dissatisfaction, and the good things will begin to increase as you maintain and build your gratitude and love.

Just because you don’t understand what you are going through in your life, God still has your hand. If the waters are troubled, remember that, like the man at the pool of Siloam, your healing is in the midst of those troubled waters. If you will have discernment, you will start to see that behind that trouble is an open door. God will do a great work within you as you trust Him even when you feel disorientated.

Don’t panic! The things that you are crying about now, once you have lived a little longer, you will be thanking God for them, because you will see more clearly the wisdom of the route that He is taking you to your desired end.


Courage to dream again

8-31-14 4

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (AKJV)

If you are ever wondering what God is thinking about you, this verse settles it. He is always planning a way to make you whole. If something is wrong in any area of your life, He is working to perfect everything that concerns you.

In fact, even more than that, He is working to conclude every matter according to your hope and expectation.

Concerning the thing that has been preoccupying your attention of late, what is your expectation?

If you have gotten to the point in life, where you no longer think that much good is coming your way, and you choke at the promise of God, which says that He will bless you, you are in good company. Abraham also got to that point, having waited for the promise over his life to be fulfilled for more years than his hope could stretch,

But despite the accounts of this in the book of Genesis 17, where both he and Sarah laughed at the Word God spoke to him concerning his son Isaac, Romans 4 still remembers that Abraham “staggered not at the promise of God”

So what was it that took Abraham forward from that point of unbelief and caused him to become so successful at getting results? Not only that, but something also cancelled out the memory of that unbelief, so that it wasn’t even on his record.

It says of Abraham, that against hope he believed in hope. That means that when all natural reasons to hope had been exhausted, Abraham found a source of supernatural hope that carried Him through to victory; that hope was from the Word that God gave to Him.

Abraham’s circumstances caused his natural hope to die; but in God’s economy, life always comes out of death. Death is not an end, it is another beginning. At that point the life that was in the Word that God spoke to Him, and ignited in him an unreasoned hope – a hope that was fixed on God’s ability alone. A hope that had nothing to do with Abraham’s own efforts or strength; a hope that gave him the courage to dream again and to see the end of his faith.

Every believer needs to access that same kind of hope, and they can by getting the Word on their situation and letting it paint an image of victory in their minds until their expectation lines up with that Word.

Life is designed to rob you of hope. It sends a storm that is enough to quench your natural strength and tame you to the point where you receive instructions from your circumstances about what outcomes you can expect in life.

Most people have learnt to live with misery, and they stagger at the promise of God’s goodness because the storms of life have pressured them to expect things not to work.

In fact the negative experiences of life have caused them to develop what the Word describes as, “wicked, unbelieving hearts” (Hebrews 3:12) Unbelief is not just a lack of belief – it is impossible to believe nothing. If you don’t believe what the Word says, you believe something else. If you don’t believe that God is your healer, you believe you are subject to sickness. If you don’t believe that things will work in your hands, you believe that what you attempt will fail.

I refuse to let life tame me, and you should too. Like me, you were born to set your own sail and not be driven by the winds of life. Even in the face of much trouble, we still refuse to stagger at the promise of God. Staggering affects forward motion, but those who stay steady on the Word, will be carried forward by it even in the midst of turbulence all around.

You and I weren’t sent here to determine whether or not we should be blessed. That simply isn’t our part. God has already established that, “In blessing I will bless you…” (Genesis 22:17) Even if you are already blessed, God will bring more to your house according to your ability to hope and expect it based on the Word.

You will never make it in life if you will only believe what you can see. Whatever you are facing, find out what the Word says about your situation and then let God speak to you about that Word until your fearful expectation for your outcome changes, and instead you have Bible hope. You see an end that is filled with goodness and success. It’s true that there is an evil day, but the Bible also tells us that we can have many good days.

If any9one has a right to be healed, to be anointed, to be wealthy, to be successful, to be sound, to have relationships that fill your life with peace, and to shape a generation with the Word of God it is YOU!


Without His presence, there’s no point…

Presence of God

Exodus 33:15-16

Then (Moses) said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.  For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us?

When Moses was bringing the Israelites up into the Promised Land, God was so frustrated with the people and their stiff-necked, stubborn ways, that He didn’t even want to be associated with them any more. He made an offer to Moses that they should go into the land and enjoy all the good things that God had prepared for them, but God Himself was not volunteering to go with them, in case He got so mad with them that He killed them.

Many Christians today would be very content to take God up on that offer. Just as long as they would have the things that they are believing for – the house, the car and the man!

Many are not even bothered whether or not the presence of God is in the church that they go to every week.

The question everyone is asking instead is, “Did the service meet my need?”

When sermon titles like, “How to beat stress” are so popular and common, it’s clear that the church is trying to package God to make Him appear acceptable to men, rather than lifting people to God’s level.  They try to tame God and make Him one of us, when the plan of God is to raise us up and make us just like Him.

Jesus was the Son of Man, but He was also God. He sits alone in His majesty and authority. He doesn’t need us to be who He is, but we do need Him to be who we are.

How can people prescribe what they need to be taught and where they need to get to, when they don’t even understand fully where they are right now?

Yet week by week there is an emphasis on an aesthetically pleasing church experience. It is all about looking nice and feeling nice, but there is no power.

Church has become an intellectual exercise for many; at best a glorified social club where we learn about God. But it’s one thing to know about a person and a totally different thing to experience that person.

If you can predict week by week what is going to take place in church, then your Christian experience is far too natural; when all the time you and I were born again to live from our spirit, not from our soul.

The Holy Ghost has been sent to show us things to come, but Christians still feel the need to go to palm readers and they are still as worried about the future as unbelievers.

If we are going to have Bible authenticity, we have to move away from churches that are merely giant classrooms. We have to get to the place where, like Moses, we yearn for Him, and we feel that without His presence there is simply no point trying to move on.

Of course it is vital to be well taught, but we don’t just come to church to listen to an instructor. There have to be times when the pastor gets right out of the way and the Holy Ghost takes control. There must be a part of the service where the worship isn’t coming out of the instruments, but out of the depths of our hearts. There must be room for the prophet of the house to speak to the people, not about what they think they need, but from the heart of God.

People who have a shallow church experience, and who never go far in coming to a knowledge of God Himself, are always shocked, when trouble comes, at how little power they have in their lives. All the time that things are going well, they look the same as Christians who pursue the presence and power of God, but when the evil day comes, as it inevitably does, all of a sudden they are gone. Their faith rested on the wisdom of men rather than on the power of God.

When they used to build ships out of wood, they stretched ropes around the entire ship to hold it together in a storm. These ropes were called “helps”. The reason for this was because they understood that once you get out onto the sea, you cannot be merely hoping that you will make it. You have to make the vessel with the storm in mind.

The Holy Ghost is our Helper and He is the one who makes us like the wind, never predictable and never stuck. We go through the same challenges, but we come out totally differently, because when what we say we believe is tested, we can pray and hear from God; we can speak in other tongues and see the supernatural hand of God take over as power is released in our situation.

What kind of Christianity have you got? What version have you bought? Is yours the kind that looks good, but focuses on the land of milk and honey rather than the presence of God?

If the church is to become distinguished in this generation, we have to have both the Word and the Spirit. We have to be able to paint Jesus until He leaps out of the book while we are preaching and heals someone’s legs right there in the middle of the sermon. We have to have been with Him to the point where we know Him so well that we can release Him to be God in our midst.

That’s Christianity!


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